Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Teenager's Happily Ever After Guide

Hey Guys

Wishing you all the Very Best New Year. May all your wishes come true. May you have love, peace, happiness, prosperity in abundance.

My New e Book published in amazon which you can get anywhere in the world.

"A Teenager's Happily Ever After" Guide is a ready to live book for all ages, caste, creed, nationality and sex. It gives you an idea of, Why you are here in this world? What is the point in living? Why is your life going in circles? Why is your life boring? How can you get out of this life cycle? And many more. But this is specially written for teenagers in their language they understand. Why teenagers?

“Teenage Years” the best years of a person’s life. The time you are free with no cares. It’s the time you are bursting to make decisions like an adult. You are fearless. You do not believe in “Impossible”. You would go to any extreme to make things happen in whatever you believe. It is the best age to conquer the world and you have the power to do it too. Then why are there no teenagers conquering the world? It is because of your hormones. Your hormones will not allow you to listen to anyone. You are always angry. You hate advice from anyone. This book is a guide to what will happen when you make decisions in each step of your life. This book covers all aspects of a person’s life and answers several questions which is out of this world.
Imagine you know there is a thief behind your door. How will you open the door? You will call the police or be armed. If you do not have this information? You will open the door and get harmed. This book is such a book informing about the thief behind the door of each decision you make in your life. It would save you from trouble. What is the problem if you make wrong decisions? Whether you are big or small, each decision has its own consequence which will affect your entire life. That is why your parents, teachers, elders always advice you and stop you from doing anything rash.

Read , decide, live and make a difference.

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