Monday, October 28, 2019

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Past

After the sumptuous meal all followed Noah to the extensive library which was triple storied and completely filled with leather bound first edition books which for Naomi and Robert was simply baffling. How can one place hold all these first and rare editions? They didn't voice it loudly. Noah just smiled seeing their repressed curiosity.

Noah directed them to the small table where there were several comfortable chairs around it.

They all sat in a circle where everyone could see each other easily and looked at Noah expectantly.

Noah cleared his throat and began. This story is many centuries old. To be exact the 12th century. Robert and Naomi were husband and wife and you were exactly the king and queen of this land and Eline and Ram were your children.

"You got to be joking Noah. Do you really believe in all these crap in this time and age?" Noah smiled and continued, "I know Naomi, its a bit difficult to digest, but you will know when I retell the whole story. This union was planned at the time of your passing. You all vanished from the face of the earth and no one knew whether you were dead or alive. So in history books you are not dead. That belief was made you alive all this time.

It was the time  when people knew the importance of education. Naomi, you were very forward and fearless too and very strict with your children. You educated your children with excellent tutors from far off lands. Robert loved books and used to collect them from anyone and everywhere you could find. These collections are yours Robert. Eline played the pianoforte so beautifully that even the birds and animals stopped to listen.

What about me Noah? Ram asked, You were the best archer. You could aim a birds eye kept in the middle of the tree easily. You were a family the world envied but the best part was you never had pride in your heart. You all were humble and helped the people grow.

So one day a very spiritual man came to your kingdom, but some boys ill treated him because he was dressed with tattered clothes. That was when Ram was passing the street to meet an old lady, who had promised to make him a wooden flying bird for him to practice to shoot. Seeing the boys taunting the old man he got angry. He stopped them and asked them to apologize to the old man and shooed them off. When he turned to the old man he saw the bruise on the head and tattered clothes, he took his coat and covered the old man and he took the water from his horse and gave the old man to drink and found a cloth in his sack to cover the head would and  helped him on his horse and led him to the palace.

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