Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - Waiting

"Naomi, is that you??"

"Robert, its unbelievable, Wow, you look so hot."

"And you look the perfect chic any man will dream of having. Any idea what is going on here?"

"Whatever it is, only Noah can explain, I hope the kids would recognize us."

"Well, we better check that out." As they were descending the stairs, they saw the kids, Eline and Ram, quite big standing and talking to Noah.

"You got to be kidding me, Naomi blurted out loud and everyone turned to them smiling. Eline was breathtakingly beautiful and Ram was a real looker. Both Robert and Naomi stood there standstill. They didn't know how to undo all these. But they need to do it at the earliest because Eline and Ram has to be returned back to their parents.

Noah came smilingly forward and spoke, "Naomi, do not look tensed and do not overthink of what next. The solution is already there. All these are happening for a purpose.

I hope the purpose is right Noah. Imagine they wouldn't recognize any one of us and they would kill me for growing these kids to teenagers within a day.

Come on all of you, first dinner and then talk. Eline came forward smilingly and embraced Naomi, "Grandma, its unbelievable that I will have to call you grandma when I think you look like my elder sister. Is it okay, if I call you Naomi.

Naomi looked down at Eline and spoke sternly, "Whether I look young or you look old you are my grandchild and you call me grandma, understood? And remember I am not ashamed of it too and I am not scared of grey hairs, if ever I become old a second time or am I to look like this young lifelong Noah?" Naomi turned to Noah smilingly.

It depends Naomi... It depends...

Anyway, we better have something substantial to eat. I am famished, I do not know about you guys and Ram, you look really cool grown up. I would not have recognized you in a million years, if ever I would have met you on the street.

"Thanks grandma, I too was surprised when I found I grew up along with Eline. She really will flutter several hearts don't you think Robert. She sure will son.. she sure will but like Eline I am your grandpa, don't forget it Ram and call me Grandpa both of you. They both nodded smiling.

They all entered the palatial dining room with a long table  where 50 people could be easily accommodated was laden with food from one end to the other . Nobody asked any questions or wasn't surprised with the amount of food for just four of them. Here, they knew anything is possible. Whether they prepared is another matter. Naomi actually felt relieved that Eline had grown or else she would have to be fed separately.  Naomi looked at Eline and felt proud of her, she did indeed grow quite nicely and well mannered too. But how can that be possible is quite another matter. Which she had to wait until dinner finishes which was really extending her patience to the very limit. But there was no choice other than to wait. be continued.......

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