Friday, October 25, 2019

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Makeover

Robert was led to a very big spacious masculine room facing  a big lake, in the middle of an orchard where the swans were gliding peacefully on it and birds of several plumes were flitting in and around the orchard. Seeing the riot of colours from his room was a sight to behold.

"This is a really great place to live for a family." He shook his head with a smile and turned to find Stuart still waiting there.

Robert surprisingly smiled, "Oh Stuart, this place is really great, I thought you had left. What's the matter??

Its nothing sir, Noah had asked me to check your bump on the head before you freshen up. Can I just take a look? I am a medicine man like my forefathers. Robert smiled and sat on a comfortable leather bound stool near the window. Stuart removed the plaster on Robert's forehead and looked at it closely, the gash was dry. "Lucky you got a wound instead of only a bump. It would heal fine. Naomi did a great job. She is one wise lady you have as your companion." Robert smiled and replied, "Indeed she is one fine lady, I really like to be around. I don't know why I feel this, but I feel like we are a family. I do not wish to lose any of them including that dog."

Stuart straightened and looked into Robert's eyes and solemnly replied, "They are your family sir without a doubt." Robert's brow rose. "Am I missing something here Stuart?" Noah will explain all in good time sir. All in good time. I will take leave of you sir. You do not have to worry about the bump, it will heal within no time after the bath sir.

"So fast Stuart?" Stuart smiled and nodded "I will let you to freshen up sir" and left closing the door behind.

Robert sighed and sat there watching the view from the window feeling hope in knowing that he has a family. As long as he can remember, he didn't have that. With a spring in his step, he got up and walked in search of a bathroom but instead he found a walk in closet with a wardrobe full of clothes of his taste and size and whatever he needed was in there even to the footwears too. He walked out and opened another room which he thought might be a grooming room. "Not bad hmm". He then opened another door and was wowed by the huge Jacuzzi swimming pool spread out in front of him. "This I didn't expect." With a smile he stripped naked and clean dived into the pool, the welcoming warm waves was a balm to her tired muscles. He swam many laps to and fro and then just let him float watching the ceiling with twinkling stars. If ever I am living a dream, then this is unbeatable. After he noticed that he was feeling much much better than he felt a very long time. He swam a little mpre and came out of the pool covered himself with a bath robe and dried himself, that was when he noticed that his hands looked a lot like a young man's hand much more sinewy and strong. He looked at his body and he immediately knew that he had changed, completely - A makeover? No way possible.

He went and looked in the mirror and he was indeed a very young smart looking gent. "Shoot!!! How will I show up? He shook his head and dressed quickly with a polo shirt and slacks and a leather strapped footwear. He took a deep breath and opened his door and to his surprise his heart skipped a beat when he saw a beautiful lady smiling at him.

-----To be continued------

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