Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Room

They went to their separate rooms with high wooden ceilings and wooden floors facing an extensive garden where Naomi found to her shock peacocks strutting and deers grazing where wild animals were watching them where no fear could be seen.

Naomi wondered, "Is it really a place on this Earth or am I dead and in heaven?" She shook her head and opened a door to her left which was a walk in closet and she found  to her surprise dresses of her size hanging and shoes and undergarments and whatever she needed were all there for her taking. 

"Wow!!! Its Incredible!!! What is happening exactly? Am I in a dream? Whatever it is, I know I am living it. Thank you dear God. I really love this and its fabulous.  This is beyond any of my dreams." Naomi came out and opened another door and found a big room with warm water bubbling in the Jacuzzi pool. It was another world in there, luxury cannot go beyond this room. All the necessary oils, fruits, drinks were all lined at the edge for her taking. She stripped off her clothes and just let herself in to be engulfed into the warmth of the pool to clean her grime off and relax her tired bones and muscles. It felt heavenly. She soaked herself until she felt renewed and revived. She felt healthy and when she looked at her skin, it felt young. She came out of the pool to her utter shock, she saw a 20 year younger version of her looking from the mirror.

"Oh My God!!! In real where am I? Why am I here? This flood, why did it happen in the first place? I really should get going and get the answers immediately. I hope my son recognizes me, in fact I hope Eline recognizes me." She shook her head and covered herself with the bath robe and rubbed herself dry and went into the walk-in-closet and to her astonishment her wardrobe was completely changed fit for a younger lady. She decided on a small floral printed sundress with shoestring straps and got ready.

Meantime Robert had a very big surprise waiting.

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