Monday, October 15, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Palace

The sight spread out in front of them was awe inspiring. They never would have imagined it even in a million years!!!!!

A palace of Gold!!!!!

Really!!!! I cannot believe that this palace actually existed in our backyard. Why is it that nobody claimed it?

Because they were not supposed to !!!!

They all turned to see a man of formidable height but angelic face following them in a swan boat.

Super Cool!!!! Ram whispered with awe.

Welcome!!!! we have been waiting for you four, your chambers have been prepared.

Who are you?

I am Noah. I am the caretaker of this palace. The message that you will be arriving was received one week back.

How come!!! Naomi asked wide eyed, we didn't even know this palace existed until a few moments ago. So how is it possible, that you know of our arrival, sir?

Noah took a scroll from his robe and extended it to Robert, he opened it and gaped at the message,  a live picture of all four of them, just like how they are to the minutest detail, the family on the small boat arriving through the crevice and underneath the picture was written, Welcome them, they are our Special guests. Robert extended the scroll to Naomi, who placed her hand on her heart when she saw the message.

Grandma Naomi, can we go inside? Ram broke the spell with his exuberance. Eline just watched the sights in her comfort seat. Naomi looked at Ram and also at Robert and nodded, "Yes dear, you sure can."

At that exact moment, the unexpected happened.

...... to be continued.....

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