Monday, October 22, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - Out of the Boat

Oh My God!!!!

What the .....!!!!!


Eline started cooing and babbling.

The boat started rising from the water by the water and was placed near the front door without spilling a single drop of water.

Phew!!!! That was cool wasn't it grandma?

Yes Indeed Ram, Surprisingly Cool!!!!

Robert got off the boat and helped Naomi out of it, Ram jumped off the boat with Tiger.

And wonder of wonders

Noah was waiting for them with his long robe and a big smile to welcome them.

"Ooh Sir!!! where's your boat?"

It disappeared upon my will Ram.

You know my name!!!!!

I know all your names including Eline's too. So now come inside, you have had a very adventurous day, you all might be exhausted. Naomi, can I extend a maid to help care for Eline?

"Oh!!! that would be wonderful."

Grandma, is it okay, if I go with Eline? She might get frightened because she does not know anybody here.

Sure dear, you can.

A middle aged, pleasant faced, maid immediately came forward.

Naomi, "This is Matilda, she is also a mother of two. She will take care of Eline and Ram. Robert slowly removed the baby carrier from Naomi and Eline was extracted from it with care and taken off to the right wing of the palace.

Noah continued, "Now let me introduce you to the butler, Mr. Stuart, a rotund smiling face, bald man came forward and shook hands with both Naomi and Robert and the housekeeper Mrs. Stella, a stout old lady with a broad smile came forward and shook hands with both of them.

I know you have lots of unanswered questions, but first, let Stuart show you to your rooms, you can freshen up and change clothes which has been arranged for you. When you are finished, a maid will come and collect you. Consider this palace as your home, as long as you wish to stay. Consider it as a God sent gift, just like the boat you rode Naomi.

How did you know about the boat Noah?

It will all be answered Naomi. So first things first. Stuart, guide them to their rooms.

With a sigh, Naomi and Robert followed......

.... to be continued........


Monday, October 15, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Palace

The sight spread out in front of them was awe inspiring. They never would have imagined it even in a million years!!!!!

A palace of Gold!!!!!

Really!!!! I cannot believe that this palace actually existed in our backyard. Why is it that nobody claimed it?

Because they were not supposed to !!!!

They all turned to see a man of formidable height but angelic face following them in a swan boat.

Super Cool!!!! Ram whispered with awe.

Welcome!!!! we have been waiting for you four, your chambers have been prepared.

Who are you?

I am Noah. I am the caretaker of this palace. The message that you will be arriving was received one week back.

How come!!! Naomi asked wide eyed, we didn't even know this palace existed until a few moments ago. So how is it possible, that you know of our arrival, sir?

Noah took a scroll from his robe and extended it to Robert, he opened it and gaped at the message,  a live picture of all four of them, just like how they are to the minutest detail, the family on the small boat arriving through the crevice and underneath the picture was written, Welcome them, they are our Special guests. Robert extended the scroll to Naomi, who placed her hand on her heart when she saw the message.

Grandma Naomi, can we go inside? Ram broke the spell with his exuberance. Eline just watched the sights in her comfort seat. Naomi looked at Ram and also at Robert and nodded, "Yes dear, you sure can."

At that exact moment, the unexpected happened.

...... to be continued.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Palace

The boat glided through the small river under the canopy of the forest for sometime and they came to a clearing where the sun shone bright and the view they had in front was breath taking with one side the fort and the other side a breathtaking view of misty covered mountain and valley.

WoW!!!!! what a sight grandma. I have never seen like this before. Where are we grandpa?


Really!!!!! ??? Is it really heaven grandpa??

Look grandpa, there is an opening in the fort, our boat is going through that way, Oh my God, will we be safe grandma?

Yes Ram, we will all be safe, don't worry.

Robert manoeuvred  through the opening of the fort, which was luckily very small and exactly the perfect fit for the boat.

When the boat was squeezed through the crevice, the sight they behold was above all expectation. be continued.......