Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Decision

The boat slowed down,  Robert asked, "Naomi, what do you think, should we row forward or should we get off here? Its your boat, if we get off now, we will have no option but to abandon it here. We will try to hide it inside these bushes."

Robert you are indeed a God sent angel, isn't he Ram? How would we have managed without Robert?  Ram nodded and smiled at them both.

"So Robert,  as I told, you are an angel, likewise, this boat too is a gift from heaven. I hadn't even known of its existence until this morning. So I cannot say, this is my boat. If the boat goes from me, then the person who gets it needed it more than me, and I should let it go too, don't you think? Both Ram and Robert stared at Naomi, but Naomi continued,

 We have a big problem now, how do we get back to our places? To be frank, I have several unanswered questions, I don't know whether you could be of help Robert, but do you know the reason for this flash flood?" Robert shook his head and replied,

I am sorry Naomi, like you, I too am in the dark about it because, I was still in bed when I was soaked to the bone. But that is not the concern now,  we should really make ourselves comfortable in a safe and dry place, we cannot be in the open with Eline and Ram and as I told you, if you go a little more further, there is an old palace. I don't know whether its safe and inhabitable or not, but we could check it out. Is it okay with you Ram?

Yes grandpa, I would love to live in a palace. But how will we take our things there grandpa? If you can make a small pack, I could carry it on my back because I will have to hold Tiger or else he will run off grandma.

Yes dear, I understand, you are one wise young man, isn't he Robert?

Yes sure he is, Robert smiled at Ram and patted his shoulder.

But grandpa, how will we open the gates of the palace?

We will have to wait and see Ram, what is in store for us.... we will have to wait and see...... be continued........


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