Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Lonely Boat

Hey Guys!!!!!

This story is dedicated to all the people who are affected by natural calamities. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Once upon a time, there was a boat - a simple boat with a small oar. It was made of the best wood and very lightweight too. Unfortunately, there weren't any takers for this boat. The boat stayed in the dock all alone.

The boat was very sad.  It felt useless and good for nothing. It started crying,  it cried and cried, but nothing changed. Then it started praying to God, "God, send me a sturdy, strong man to steer this boat through all the seas of the world. Still nothing happened. Time passed, months passed and the boat stayed all alone.

One fine day, the boat found that there was water lapping all around it. "Really!!!! How is it possible!!!! No way, but later it came to know that there is a big flood raging in the land and the boat also became a part of its casualty, it started drifting on the flooded water and slowly started moving towards the flow of the river. The boat got scared, it thought, "where will I end up?" It had no choice, but to go by the flow because the flood was taking it in its course. It started moving so fast, that it thought, it was going to wreck on something hard. But that didn't happen.

The boat travelled a few kilometers when it got stuck between some shrubs behind a small house. The boat looked about, there was only this one house and nobody around. It had a feeling that this house also would not stay long in this force of the water. The boat stood there idly watching the passing water and its silent noise. Then a hand took hold of the stern of the boat (back part of the boat) and started dragging towards the house.

The boat was surprised, "It just went where it was dragged and it looked to see who was dragging it from behind and lo behold!!!!! It was an old frail woman.

The boat was overjoyed, I would be serving an old lady!!!! she cannot even stand on her own two feet!!!! please God, let me be the right boat for her.

To be continued..... Why is this old lady all alone?....

The Morals of the story

  1. "Each and Every Prayer is answered but not in the way, we expect. So accept it happily.."
  2. "We all are here to fulfill a purpose, the only thing is, be open to the right moment, right place for the right cause for the right person."
  3. "Even before the problem comes, the solution has been readied for us. So never lose hope during our bad times, just have faith in God to let Him work the miracle for you."

See you guys.

Be kind to correct me if I am wrong, open to all suggestions!!!


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