Friday, August 3, 2018

The Boat with a Stern Ring

Once upon a time, there lived a family of four, a husband, Eric, wife, Isabel, a baby daughter, Eline and Eric's mother, Naomi in a very beautiful place.

Eric, a  scientist, was researching on a certain species of plant which helps in curing all diseases. He bought a plot of land with a small house and a large area of paddy fields on one side and a small rivulet on the other side. It was a beautiful perfect setting for a family to grow  and a calm place for his research. The family lived happily there.

 One day, Isabel had severe bleeding and Eric immediately took her to the hospital leaving behind his daughter in the care of his mother. His mother assured him, "Son, don't worry, everything would be okay, just get to the hospital with care." Bidding his mother both goodbye, Eric left for the hospital in town, with Isabel.

Naomi, knelt down near Eline's bed and started praying, but suddenly, she felt water on her legs. "Holy Heavens!!!! what is happening!!!!!" She shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath, "God, I am hoping, its not the worst father!!!!  I don't even have a general idea, what I am going to do. The only request,  Go........d, Please help me!!!!!" She immediately thought, switch off the main power at the back of the house.

With deep sadness, she rose from the floor, dripping wet and slowly sloshed her way to the door, she couldn't believe her eyes, two steps down and the whole of ground floor was knee deep in water. With tears rolling, she cried silently, she had no clue how she is going to save her grandchild. She was in a no man's land and she was not sure, whether there would be anyone who knew that there was an old lady and a baby all alone in this house. She knew, she cannot wait for her son Eric to return back. So she slowly waded to the back of the house to switch off the power and to her utter surprise and shock, she couldn't believe her eyes, a beautiful boat which was perfect for her and grandchild waited, as if someone had called for its service. With tears flowing she shouted silently from inside "Thank you God!!!! Thank you God!!!! Thank you God!!!!" She switched off the power and waded into the water and slowly pulled the boat towards her, which was so easy to bring it near to the house. It even had a very beautiful stern ring to tie a rope through it.
Naomi pulled the boat into the house and went in search of a strong rope, which was not hard to find, as they had used meters of it to pack their things. The only thing now left to do is, pack the basic necessities for her and Eline and get off from there before the house falls on them.

To be continued..... The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi

The Moral of the story :-

You can pray to God to save you, but your first step is the decisive factor, only then, God can help you.

See You.


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