Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Miracles

Naomi immediately removed the container from the rope, wiped it and asked Ram to replace its contents which was done immediately and she took a bar of chocolate and some biscuits for Ram and the dog, and the baby food for Eline which was already prepared and in her bottle.

Ram sat on the floor of the boat with the dog and munched on his chocolate bar and Eline had her food without any fuss.

Naomi had no idea, where this is all going to end. But she had one confidence, there was some super power who was guiding her. Her thoughts wandered,  How is it a boat comes to her doorstep even before she thought about it? How the heck was she able to help Ram and his dog? There was no sane explanation. She felt like giving a big hug to the guiding power.

Naomi took a sip of water from the bottle and passed it to Ram. The boat was moving along with the current.

The boat felt happy, that the boat maker did indeed a great job, no matter how the water rushed towards it from any direction, it stayed steady. And it is really helping this group of weaklings, as they were not even using the oar to steer it. Its a wonder, that the boat is moving with a purpose without human help.

"Grandma, where are we actually going? Do you think, we can stop near a land or something?"

"I too was wondering the same dear, then I thought it will be better, if we stop where there are some people, so that they can help us. What do you think Ram?"

"Good idea Grandma, but you have not eaten anything, Won't you feel hungry?"

"Its okay son, I am not feeling hungry. So are you going to school Ram?"

"Yes Grandma, I am 6 years old and studying in class 2."

"Hmmmmm... smart."

"So Ram, do you think that this river will have fishes in it?"

Yes, grandma, it has lots of fishes, I have seen several of them when the water was clear, but do you think, those fishes will be able to see now in this muddy water? Will it also be pushed like us by the water? Do you think, some will be under this boat too?

Whoa Ram!!! you do have so many questions?

"Hmmm..... that's a good question, can a fish see in the muddy water? I have never thought about it. If I am a fish, then I will not be able to see, so I suppose, the fish too will not be able to see, what do you think?"

I too thought the same Grandma. Eline, what do you think? Eline hearing her name started babbling nonsense, which indeed was a relief for Naomi. She felt, God not only sent her a boat, but He also sent her a babysitter for Eline. Naomi sighed and smiled at Ram and said, "The fishes will surely be under this boat too because if this water can take all 4 of us and the boat, then there is no chance the fish can stay in one place, even if it can swim."

Ram nodded, "Poor fishes, they would also be lost like us, isn't it grandma?" Naomi couldn't contain her smile, she said, "No Ram, we are not lost, we have a boat, we have food, we have each other, likewise God will guide the fishes too with some friends at least, what do you think?"

"I suppose so grandma. But I am happy I found Eline and you or else I would have been all alone with Tiger and frightened too." Ram got up and sat near Eline and took hold of her small hand. Tiger snuggled itself near Ram's leg and slept.

Naomi couldn't believe the sight presented in front of her - a cosy family get together in a small boat on a flooded river. She just enjoyed the moment until it lasted and that was not for long - the river started parting ways and she had to decide which way and the decision was made for her. be continued......

See you.


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