Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - At The Right Time, At The Right Place

Ram started patting Eline, Naomi was real surprised at the maturity of Ram. He indeed was a special boy, but how in the world am I going to save this dog??? God Help!!!!

Eline stopped crying and was looking fascinately at the dog who was swimming real fast.

The dog was following the boat, swimming along the flow. "Grandma Look!!!! Tiger knows to swim, he is really strong."

"He won't be able to do that for long, so we will have to help him back to the boat." Ram nodded understanding the grave situation Tiger was in.

"Ram I cannot really bend, so can you slowly crouch down and empty the white container we have there? Its the food container."

"Yes Grandma, I will do that." Ram slowly crouched and emptied the white container and gave it to grandma.

"Son, can you bring to me the end of the boat's rope which is lying on the boat floor?"

"Yes grandma." He slowly went on all fours and took the end of the rope and gave it to Naomi.

Naomi took the end of the rope and immediately tied it around the container and gave it to Ram, who by then was looking wide eyed.

"Son, do you play with tiger to fetch the ball or a stick?"

"Yes grandma, we always do that, he loves it."

"Good, what is the word you use to fetch anything?"

"Its catch Tiger."

Naomi, gave the container to Ram.

"Now Ram, just throw this in the water and ask Tiger to Catch. I don't want the rope to sink in the water, that is why I have tied it on the container. When Tiger bites the rope  or wherever it gets hold, you, Eline and I will slowly pull. Are you ready Ram?"

"Yes Grandma, shall I throw it now? Here Eline, hold this rope, grandma, are you ready?"

"Yes, Ram, we are all ready." Ram threw the container near to Tiger and shouted, "Tiger Catch!!!! Tiger Catch!!!! Tiger Catch!!!!!

Tiger swam towards the container and took hold of the rope.

"Grandma, he caught the rope, pull!!! pull!!!!"

"Ram pull slowly, don't rush, it will get scared and leave off the rope, so we should be careful, okay!!! Just say, "Good Tiger, good boy. Then he will make sure to bite the rope real hard."

"Yes, grandma, I will do that."

Naomi pulled the rope and slowly she could feel the weight of the dog. Within no time, the dog was in the boat, shaking the water off and barking happily.

All were relieved and happy for doing a good job. But Naomi didn't know where she would end up with two kids and a dog. But she surely knew this boat really wove its magic with its presence alone at the right time at the right place - It was one sturdy small boat. be continued......

Take care.


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