Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Grand Adventure Begins!!!!

The boat didn't need much steering, as it was going with the flow of the water. Seeing Naomi with the boat, the child stopped crying with great expectation, he came forward with his puppy. Naomi, slowly started steering the boat with her oar towards the boy, so that they could stop at the dry patch of land where the boy stood. All the people waited with baited breath to see the outcome.

The boat crunched itself on the piece of land and Naomi helped the boy and the puppy into the boat, but within a matter of minutes, water took over the strip of land, pushing the boat towards the boy's family. Naomi was relieved as, she knew it would have been difficult to push the boat from the land.

Naomi's fear ebbed, as she knew, this adventure is coming to a close, at least, she was able to save two kids. But suddenly, a gush of water with a lot of debris pushed the boat away from its course into a total different direction.

The people shouted, giving all types of suggestions!!!!! The mother started wailing. But the situation Naomi and her crew was as it was -  just follow the flow. And they did just that.

Naomi Shouted, "Not to worry, we will be safe. Just let us go."

"Grandma, are we going to die?" the small boy asked feebly.

"No baby, we are not. Have you ridden in a small boat dear?"

"No Grandma, this is the first time." the boy replied. Eline started chattering happily.

"What is your name son?"


"Okay Ram, My name is Naomi and this is Eline." Ram held Eline's hand and Eline too held it tightly.

"This is my dog Tiger." The dog barked in acknowledgement.

"Ram, did you eat any food?"

"No Grandma, This water came suddenly, I was with Tiger, when it happened. So I got a bit frightened,"

"Aha, I too was frightened at first, but now I am happy, that we are all together and flowing down the river like a real adventure. It's good, isn't it Ram?"

Yes, Grandma, its cool."

"Ram, can you let the dog down, then you can hold one hand on the boat?"

"Sure Grandma." Ram slowly let the dog down but the dog in its haste slipped off Ram's hand and fell into the water.

"Oh No!!!!! Grandma shouted

"Grandma!!! My Tiger !!!!

Eline started crying, it was a big mess in that small boat, nobody knew what to do. But there is always a way for each and everyone of us to help us out of all situations.

Let's see how they will save the Tiger.

.....to be continued.......

See You.

Take care


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