Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi- The Little Things

But Grandma Naomi, I am just a kid, how will I share and what do I share?

Hmm... That's easy Ram, You have dad, mom and baby sister at home and you are really helping your mom by looking after your baby sister, so you are sharing, here you looked after baby Eline, you are sharing your presence, your kindness, your soothing voice to help baby Eline be happy. Whatever you had you gave. That is how the tree works too. Robert nodded and patted Ram's back.

Naomi continued, "You can help keep your room clean by not throwing around your things, doing your homework, helping your mom to take dishes from the table or wash your plates, such small small things.

The trees they give small small things, but we will not know until we lose them, now we are really finding a lot of difference when we stepped into this forest, right?

Yes grandma, I really love this place.

That is how we should be to others, be present for everyone by our actions.

Yes Grandma Naomi, I will try to be good to all.

Good Ram. Now Robert, how are we going to get out off this place. Any idea????

I think we will have to get off this boat pretty soon. be continued.....

See you


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