Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Trees

Really!!!!! Both Robert and Ram blurted together in surprise waking Eline in the process and Tiger started barking. It was total chaos in the boat.

Immediately Ram started patting Eline and Naomi slowly soothed her with her soft words and started rocking her back to sleep. Robert mouthed sorry to Naomi and she shrugged and mouthing "its okay".

After sometime, the calm settled in and Ram whispered, Grandma, how are we trees?

Dear Ram, don't take it in the physical sense, you are a boy, Grandpa Robert is a boy, I am a girl, Eline is a girl and tiger is a dog, we are not trees. Have you plucked a plant from the soil?

Several of them Grandma, several of them. The place where I play have grass and weeds growing, so my mom would say, if you want to get rid off it I should pluck it off on my own. So she showed me how to do it and I learned real quick.

Good!!!! have you looked at it?

Of course, I have looked at it because, when I pluck a plant, I need to take with the whole root intact.

Robert showed his "I am impressed face" to the delight of all.

Okay, now remember you have a whole plant in your hand and if you look at it upside down, you will find the root up and the rest down. Now look at you Ram, how does your head look?

Like a root? Robert interjected

Exactly!!!! like a root, likewise check your whole body with that of each part of a plant. Now you are a tree.

Super!!! I didn't think about it.

But the best part is your life is also like a tree, living with whatever you have, loving and sharing with whatever you have. Your presence should bring calmness like this place here.

Oh!!!! Wow!!!!

Robert's brow reached his hairline. Naomi smiled at all the expression, looking serenely at the nature around and sighed thinking, where this water ends.

See you.


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