Monday, August 20, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The End

And thus, the journey started with Robert, Naomi, Ram, Eline and Tiger on the boat. Since the river narrowed, the boat didn't have to go far to reach land.

But Naomi had no idea where they were but she didn't voiced it loud instead she asked, "Robert, do you mind me looking at your gash on your forehead?"

Robert shook his head and winced. I think, I really got a good thrashing. Naomi slowly stretched herself and took the first aid box and took the necessary things and a bottle of water and extended to Robert and said,

"Here, drink this." Robert gulped some water and waited for Naomi to do her ministration, which didn't take long. Then they opened the food box and had whatever was there.

"Robert, what happened, that you got a gash on your head? How did you end up on that log?"

"Actually I was saving my neighbour's cow, as I let it go, the roof fell and I caught the end part of a wood on my head, but I was lucky, that I got this log to hang on to save myself."

"Grandpa, what happened to the cow?"

"Ram, animals know how to survive, it will swim itself to safety. I just untied the rope, so that it can be free from danger." The boat started moving through a canopy of trees and bushes and all watched silently the slow progress of the boat. Eline started dozing, so Naomi took her from Ram and strapped her in her knapsack.

"Naomi, how come you are in a boat? And where are you going?" Naomi recounted her experience and ended, "I know you would think me crazy, but up until this moment, whatever happened is a miracle, I didn't have any control of it and I think, I will give this boat a free reign to wherever it goes." All nodded. "But Robert, do you know where this place is?"

"Yes, we have come quite far south and it will be one big task to return back because we are nearing a forest and I have heard there is a palace where this river ends."

"Really!!!!!" Both Naomi and Ram asked surprised. be continued......

See you.


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