Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The First Step

Naomi immediately went to the kitchen for the required food and utensils for Eline and put into a large plastic air tight container, a very big bottle of water and deposited these items in the boat. Then she went to collect Eline's clothing where the wardrobe too was in the water.

Naomi felt, there is no point in feeling sad about the situation she and Eline was in, everything would be wet and muddied too, the only silver lining was no fishes, snakes and crabs crossed her path.

She took a deep breath, expecting the worst and opened the wardrobe and to her surprise all Eline's dresses were hung on hangers and nothing on the lower part of the wardrobe. She took a warm romper, waterproof pants and vests, some onesies, napkins, diapers and an emergency medical kit. Apart from the warm romper, a diaper and the waterproof dresses, she packed the rest in a plastic bag and put it in a small backpack and placed it in the boat.

Naomi prepared Eline's food, collected her dress and with a sigh and a prayer,  "Help!!", she opened Eline's bedroom. Eline's was sitting in the baby cot, her blue eyes looking into the loving brown eyes of her grandmother broke into her toothy grin. Naomi felt like weeping, relieved, "such innocence,!!!! with not a care in the world." Naomi went towards Eline, like she had the whole time in the world and sat on the bed near to her cot and prepared her for the long adventure ahead, she took the baby out and sat her on the lap, seeing the water beneath, Eline started wriggling towards the water, so immediately Naomi took the baby knapsack hanging on the wall and strapped Eline towards her body, where Eline can see the world and have fun of her own and started wading towards the boat.

Naomi was thankful for all the small mercies until then and slowly, went towards the boat,  and whispered under her breath, "God the Father, You should really be my oarsman because I don't have a clue of how to steer a boat, forget that, help me and my babe to get into this boat first, Once more please God....., Help!!!!!." And Naomi took her first step!!!!!! to the unknown....

The boat left home, Naomi couldn't believe that it was indeed a cosy ride for such a lightweight boat, moving real smooth, with a sturdiness to keep the balance and extremely streamlined for the smooth motion to cut through this turbulent water.

As for Eline, she was awed by all these experiences that she just sat there in her grandma's lap with one hand on the oar. Naomi, didn't need to use the oar, as the water was taking the boat, to God knows where.

She passed under several bridges but she didn't find anyone around, then ahead she saw a small boy holding a small puppy wailing his lungs out near a small strip of land. By the look of it, Naomi knew, that strip will be immersed before long. The boy's parents and villagers were trying to rescue the lad, but to no avail, as the current was too strong for them to reach him. So Naomi decided to steer her boat towards the boy.  She used her oar to nudge her boat towards the boy and it indeed did change course towards the boy.

To be continued.......

Moral :-

Making a Decision "At the Right Time" can change many  lives along with yours.

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