Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi- The Little Things

But Grandma Naomi, I am just a kid, how will I share and what do I share?

Hmm... That's easy Ram, You have dad, mom and baby sister at home and you are really helping your mom by looking after your baby sister, so you are sharing, here you looked after baby Eline, you are sharing your presence, your kindness, your soothing voice to help baby Eline be happy. Whatever you had you gave. That is how the tree works too. Robert nodded and patted Ram's back.

Naomi continued, "You can help keep your room clean by not throwing around your things, doing your homework, helping your mom to take dishes from the table or wash your plates, such small small things.

The trees they give small small things, but we will not know until we lose them, now we are really finding a lot of difference when we stepped into this forest, right?

Yes grandma, I really love this place.

That is how we should be to others, be present for everyone by our actions.

Yes Grandma Naomi, I will try to be good to all.

Good Ram. Now Robert, how are we going to get out off this place. Any idea????

I think we will have to get off this boat pretty soon. be continued.....

See you


Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Trees

Really!!!!! Both Robert and Ram blurted together in surprise waking Eline in the process and Tiger started barking. It was total chaos in the boat.

Immediately Ram started patting Eline and Naomi slowly soothed her with her soft words and started rocking her back to sleep. Robert mouthed sorry to Naomi and she shrugged and mouthing "its okay".

After sometime, the calm settled in and Ram whispered, Grandma, how are we trees?

Dear Ram, don't take it in the physical sense, you are a boy, Grandpa Robert is a boy, I am a girl, Eline is a girl and tiger is a dog, we are not trees. Have you plucked a plant from the soil?

Several of them Grandma, several of them. The place where I play have grass and weeds growing, so my mom would say, if you want to get rid off it I should pluck it off on my own. So she showed me how to do it and I learned real quick.

Good!!!! have you looked at it?

Of course, I have looked at it because, when I pluck a plant, I need to take with the whole root intact.

Robert showed his "I am impressed face" to the delight of all.

Okay, now remember you have a whole plant in your hand and if you look at it upside down, you will find the root up and the rest down. Now look at you Ram, how does your head look?

Like a root? Robert interjected

Exactly!!!! like a root, likewise check your whole body with that of each part of a plant. Now you are a tree.

Super!!! I didn't think about it.

But the best part is your life is also like a tree, living with whatever you have, loving and sharing with whatever you have. Your presence should bring calmness like this place here.

Oh!!!! Wow!!!!

Robert's brow reached his hairline. Naomi smiled at all the expression, looking serenely at the nature around and sighed thinking, where this water ends.

See you.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Tree

Grandma Naomi, Look!!!! so many trees and we have no flood here.

Yes Ram, trees do help us a lot in helping save our nature.

Really!!!! how so?

Look at the trees Ram. What do you see there?

I see leaves, fruits, flowers, branches and roots Grandma Naomi

"Even I too see the same dear, now I want you to learn something." All nodded.

"Trees take water and minerals from the soil and the leaves with the help of sunlight makes food to keep it alive and while its living it bears flowers and fruits. These flowers and fruits are not used by the trees, it is for us."

Yes grandma, I do have a mango tree and I get loads of mangoes from it and its very tasty too. But  Grandma Naomi I don't use any leaves for anything?"

"Hmmm... what do you think Grandpa Robert, do you think the leaves of trees are useful?"

"Oh you know Ram, when its very hot I sit under the tree, I even have a hammock under the shade of the trees. I love to be there, do you know why? The leaves gives out the water it takes from the soil and cools the place around the tree, that is why it is so cool around a tree much more better than a fan or an air conditioner. If you sit under a tree or be under a tree you feel fresh and alive. Do you know the best part Ram? Ram nodded in the negative. Its the leaves of the trees that makes the air fresh."

Grandpa Robert, we do have air freshener in a container.

Ha...ha...ha.... that is perfuming the air, taking out the bad smell but the leaves of the tree breathe in or take into it the bad air and gives the air which we need to live, Oxygen, that is what we call making the air fresh.

"Is it true Grandma?"

Absolutely correct dear, so Grandpa Robert, is there anything more to add?

Ram, have you ever climbed trees?

Climb? I am always up there.

Have you ever thought the mango tree will fall down?

Oh my God!!!! I have never ever thought about a tree falling, its so strong. I even have a swing tied on one of the strongest branches, I swing so hard and still I have never thought that it will fall. How come it doesn't fall grandpa?

Its because of the root Ram, the root goes very deep into the soil from different directions in search of water and nutrition and when the root does its work, the tree is able to stand upright because it is holding onto the soil, the rocks, the earth from different directions by going very deep.

Oh Grandpa..... I really love to be a tree.

But you are a tree..... be continued......

See you.


Monday, August 20, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The End

And thus, the journey started with Robert, Naomi, Ram, Eline and Tiger on the boat. Since the river narrowed, the boat didn't have to go far to reach land.

But Naomi had no idea where they were but she didn't voiced it loud instead she asked, "Robert, do you mind me looking at your gash on your forehead?"

Robert shook his head and winced. I think, I really got a good thrashing. Naomi slowly stretched herself and took the first aid box and took the necessary things and a bottle of water and extended to Robert and said,

"Here, drink this." Robert gulped some water and waited for Naomi to do her ministration, which didn't take long. Then they opened the food box and had whatever was there.

"Robert, what happened, that you got a gash on your head? How did you end up on that log?"

"Actually I was saving my neighbour's cow, as I let it go, the roof fell and I caught the end part of a wood on my head, but I was lucky, that I got this log to hang on to save myself."

"Grandpa, what happened to the cow?"

"Ram, animals know how to survive, it will swim itself to safety. I just untied the rope, so that it can be free from danger." The boat started moving through a canopy of trees and bushes and all watched silently the slow progress of the boat. Eline started dozing, so Naomi took her from Ram and strapped her in her knapsack.

"Naomi, how come you are in a boat? And where are you going?" Naomi recounted her experience and ended, "I know you would think me crazy, but up until this moment, whatever happened is a miracle, I didn't have any control of it and I think, I will give this boat a free reign to wherever it goes." All nodded. "But Robert, do you know where this place is?"

"Yes, we have come quite far south and it will be one big task to return back because we are nearing a forest and I have heard there is a palace where this river ends."

"Really!!!!!" Both Naomi and Ram asked surprised. be continued......

See you.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - A New Partner

"Ram, how come you are so good at looking after kids?"

" I babysit my sister when mom is busy in the kitchen or when she goes to bathe. She is the same age as Eline. I know a trick or two to keep babies smiling grandma." Grandma smiled and replied, "Yes indeed you surely know how to keep them smiling."

"Grandma, Look!!! there is a log floating with a man on top of it, will it crash on us?"

"Well son, sit tight, I am going to slow down this boat with the oar, but I wonder, why the man is lying and not sitting?"

"Is he hurt grandma?"

"I hope not." Naomi, took the oar and with all her strength started to paddle in the opposite side of the current to slow down the boat. Though it slowed down a bit, the log and the boat were passing together side by side and Naomi saw the man was older than her lying eyes closed with a big gash on his forehead and wet completely. Naomi shouted, "Hello!!! Hello!!!! Sir!!!" No answer.

Grandma, if we leave that grandpa on the log, he will die. Can we save him? Please grandma, he is all alone. We are the only people to help him. He will be frightened grandma." Eline started crying, Ram slowly patted her and said soothingly, "There....there... no crying Eline... you are a good girl, uncle Ram was not angry at you." Naomi swallowed her smile at the baby talk which was indeed effective as Eline calmed and started blabbering her woes.

"Yes, Ram, we will surely help him,  don't move and hold tightly okay? Thank you Ram for consoling Eline, you really are very good at it."

Naomi didn't have a clue on how to get this unconscious man into the boat, she kept her oar between the man's hand and the log  to stop the log from moving ahead.

"Ram, can you slowly crouch and take the boat's rope?"

Ram slowly sat on the floor of the boat and took hold of the rope and gave it to Naomi. Naomi prayed inwardly, "God, if that man gains consciousness now would be a great boon." Which, didn't happen, but the river narrowed here making the boat and the log go together simultaneously which made the progress slow, but Naomi was worried if the boat was crushing the man's leg. Naomi took hold of the man's hand and checked for the pulse which was strong enough.

"Ram, I am going to take Eline out and keep her on the floor of the boat, will you make sure that she will not roam about?"

"No problem grandma, I will look after her, we will all be together, you can save grandpa easily." Naomi took Eline off herself and placed her with Ram. "Ram, I am going to stand up, sometimes the boat might shake, but you should not get frightened okay?"

"Yes, grandma, you save that grandpa." Naomi slowly rose and took hold of the man's hand and tried to raise the body slowly, so that she could tie the man with the rope but he was a dead weight and she didn't want to topple the boat, so she opened her water bottle and poured water on the face of the man, hoping against hope that he gains consciousness. She inwardly pleaded, "God, wake him up". Nothing happened for a minute or two and then his eyes started fluttering... and it opened to the relief of one and all.

"Hi sir, are you okay??" The man watched Naomi for sometime and then he blinked and raised his brows when he saw Naomi holding his hand.

"Not to worry sir!!!! Ram, Eline, Tiger and myself Naomi  were going for a ride down the river and we found you on your vehicle, so we thought you would like to accompany us, so what do you say, are you game? Naomi winked at him to play along.

"Oh wonderful!!! this is a great boat and I would be glad if you could give me some space for me to sit and become your partner."

"What do you think Ram? Is it a deal?"

"Deal Grandma."

"What is your name sir?"

"Robert" be continued.....

See you.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Miracles

Naomi immediately removed the container from the rope, wiped it and asked Ram to replace its contents which was done immediately and she took a bar of chocolate and some biscuits for Ram and the dog, and the baby food for Eline which was already prepared and in her bottle.

Ram sat on the floor of the boat with the dog and munched on his chocolate bar and Eline had her food without any fuss.

Naomi had no idea, where this is all going to end. But she had one confidence, there was some super power who was guiding her. Her thoughts wandered,  How is it a boat comes to her doorstep even before she thought about it? How the heck was she able to help Ram and his dog? There was no sane explanation. She felt like giving a big hug to the guiding power.

Naomi took a sip of water from the bottle and passed it to Ram. The boat was moving along with the current.

The boat felt happy, that the boat maker did indeed a great job, no matter how the water rushed towards it from any direction, it stayed steady. And it is really helping this group of weaklings, as they were not even using the oar to steer it. Its a wonder, that the boat is moving with a purpose without human help.

"Grandma, where are we actually going? Do you think, we can stop near a land or something?"

"I too was wondering the same dear, then I thought it will be better, if we stop where there are some people, so that they can help us. What do you think Ram?"

"Good idea Grandma, but you have not eaten anything, Won't you feel hungry?"

"Its okay son, I am not feeling hungry. So are you going to school Ram?"

"Yes Grandma, I am 6 years old and studying in class 2."

"Hmmmmm... smart."

"So Ram, do you think that this river will have fishes in it?"

Yes, grandma, it has lots of fishes, I have seen several of them when the water was clear, but do you think, those fishes will be able to see now in this muddy water? Will it also be pushed like us by the water? Do you think, some will be under this boat too?

Whoa Ram!!! you do have so many questions?

"Hmmm..... that's a good question, can a fish see in the muddy water? I have never thought about it. If I am a fish, then I will not be able to see, so I suppose, the fish too will not be able to see, what do you think?"

I too thought the same Grandma. Eline, what do you think? Eline hearing her name started babbling nonsense, which indeed was a relief for Naomi. She felt, God not only sent her a boat, but He also sent her a babysitter for Eline. Naomi sighed and smiled at Ram and said, "The fishes will surely be under this boat too because if this water can take all 4 of us and the boat, then there is no chance the fish can stay in one place, even if it can swim."

Ram nodded, "Poor fishes, they would also be lost like us, isn't it grandma?" Naomi couldn't contain her smile, she said, "No Ram, we are not lost, we have a boat, we have food, we have each other, likewise God will guide the fishes too with some friends at least, what do you think?"

"I suppose so grandma. But I am happy I found Eline and you or else I would have been all alone with Tiger and frightened too." Ram got up and sat near Eline and took hold of her small hand. Tiger snuggled itself near Ram's leg and slept.

Naomi couldn't believe the sight presented in front of her - a cosy family get together in a small boat on a flooded river. She just enjoyed the moment until it lasted and that was not for long - the river started parting ways and she had to decide which way and the decision was made for her. be continued......

See you.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - At The Right Time, At The Right Place

Ram started patting Eline, Naomi was real surprised at the maturity of Ram. He indeed was a special boy, but how in the world am I going to save this dog??? God Help!!!!

Eline stopped crying and was looking fascinately at the dog who was swimming real fast.

The dog was following the boat, swimming along the flow. "Grandma Look!!!! Tiger knows to swim, he is really strong."

"He won't be able to do that for long, so we will have to help him back to the boat." Ram nodded understanding the grave situation Tiger was in.

"Ram I cannot really bend, so can you slowly crouch down and empty the white container we have there? Its the food container."

"Yes Grandma, I will do that." Ram slowly crouched and emptied the white container and gave it to grandma.

"Son, can you bring to me the end of the boat's rope which is lying on the boat floor?"

"Yes grandma." He slowly went on all fours and took the end of the rope and gave it to Naomi.

Naomi took the end of the rope and immediately tied it around the container and gave it to Ram, who by then was looking wide eyed.

"Son, do you play with tiger to fetch the ball or a stick?"

"Yes grandma, we always do that, he loves it."

"Good, what is the word you use to fetch anything?"

"Its catch Tiger."

Naomi, gave the container to Ram.

"Now Ram, just throw this in the water and ask Tiger to Catch. I don't want the rope to sink in the water, that is why I have tied it on the container. When Tiger bites the rope  or wherever it gets hold, you, Eline and I will slowly pull. Are you ready Ram?"

"Yes Grandma, shall I throw it now? Here Eline, hold this rope, grandma, are you ready?"

"Yes, Ram, we are all ready." Ram threw the container near to Tiger and shouted, "Tiger Catch!!!! Tiger Catch!!!! Tiger Catch!!!!!

Tiger swam towards the container and took hold of the rope.

"Grandma, he caught the rope, pull!!! pull!!!!"

"Ram pull slowly, don't rush, it will get scared and leave off the rope, so we should be careful, okay!!! Just say, "Good Tiger, good boy. Then he will make sure to bite the rope real hard."

"Yes, grandma, I will do that."

Naomi pulled the rope and slowly she could feel the weight of the dog. Within no time, the dog was in the boat, shaking the water off and barking happily.

All were relieved and happy for doing a good job. But Naomi didn't know where she would end up with two kids and a dog. But she surely knew this boat really wove its magic with its presence alone at the right time at the right place - It was one sturdy small boat. be continued......

Take care.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Grand Adventure Begins!!!!

The boat didn't need much steering, as it was going with the flow of the water. Seeing Naomi with the boat, the child stopped crying with great expectation, he came forward with his puppy. Naomi, slowly started steering the boat with her oar towards the boy, so that they could stop at the dry patch of land where the boy stood. All the people waited with baited breath to see the outcome.

The boat crunched itself on the piece of land and Naomi helped the boy and the puppy into the boat, but within a matter of minutes, water took over the strip of land, pushing the boat towards the boy's family. Naomi was relieved as, she knew it would have been difficult to push the boat from the land.

Naomi's fear ebbed, as she knew, this adventure is coming to a close, at least, she was able to save two kids. But suddenly, a gush of water with a lot of debris pushed the boat away from its course into a total different direction.

The people shouted, giving all types of suggestions!!!!! The mother started wailing. But the situation Naomi and her crew was as it was -  just follow the flow. And they did just that.

Naomi Shouted, "Not to worry, we will be safe. Just let us go."

"Grandma, are we going to die?" the small boy asked feebly.

"No baby, we are not. Have you ridden in a small boat dear?"

"No Grandma, this is the first time." the boy replied. Eline started chattering happily.

"What is your name son?"


"Okay Ram, My name is Naomi and this is Eline." Ram held Eline's hand and Eline too held it tightly.

"This is my dog Tiger." The dog barked in acknowledgement.

"Ram, did you eat any food?"

"No Grandma, This water came suddenly, I was with Tiger, when it happened. So I got a bit frightened,"

"Aha, I too was frightened at first, but now I am happy, that we are all together and flowing down the river like a real adventure. It's good, isn't it Ram?"

Yes, Grandma, its cool."

"Ram, can you let the dog down, then you can hold one hand on the boat?"

"Sure Grandma." Ram slowly let the dog down but the dog in its haste slipped off Ram's hand and fell into the water.

"Oh No!!!!! Grandma shouted

"Grandma!!! My Tiger !!!!

Eline started crying, it was a big mess in that small boat, nobody knew what to do. But there is always a way for each and everyone of us to help us out of all situations.

Let's see how they will save the Tiger. be continued.......

See You.

Take care


Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The First Step

Naomi immediately went to the kitchen for the required food and utensils for Eline and put into a large plastic air tight container, a very big bottle of water and deposited these items in the boat. Then she went to collect Eline's clothing where the wardrobe too was in the water.

Naomi felt, there is no point in feeling sad about the situation she and Eline was in, everything would be wet and muddied too, the only silver lining was no fishes, snakes and crabs crossed her path.

She took a deep breath, expecting the worst and opened the wardrobe and to her surprise all Eline's dresses were hung on hangers and nothing on the lower part of the wardrobe. She took a warm romper, waterproof pants and vests, some onesies, napkins, diapers and an emergency medical kit. Apart from the warm romper, a diaper and the waterproof dresses, she packed the rest in a plastic bag and put it in a small backpack and placed it in the boat.

Naomi prepared Eline's food, collected her dress and with a sigh and a prayer,  "Help!!", she opened Eline's bedroom. Eline's was sitting in the baby cot, her blue eyes looking into the loving brown eyes of her grandmother broke into her toothy grin. Naomi felt like weeping, relieved, "such innocence,!!!! with not a care in the world." Naomi went towards Eline, like she had the whole time in the world and sat on the bed near to her cot and prepared her for the long adventure ahead, she took the baby out and sat her on the lap, seeing the water beneath, Eline started wriggling towards the water, so immediately Naomi took the baby knapsack hanging on the wall and strapped Eline towards her body, where Eline can see the world and have fun of her own and started wading towards the boat.

Naomi was thankful for all the small mercies until then and slowly, went towards the boat,  and whispered under her breath, "God the Father, You should really be my oarsman because I don't have a clue of how to steer a boat, forget that, help me and my babe to get into this boat first, Once more please God....., Help!!!!!." And Naomi took her first step!!!!!! to the unknown....

The boat left home, Naomi couldn't believe that it was indeed a cosy ride for such a lightweight boat, moving real smooth, with a sturdiness to keep the balance and extremely streamlined for the smooth motion to cut through this turbulent water.

As for Eline, she was awed by all these experiences that she just sat there in her grandma's lap with one hand on the oar. Naomi, didn't need to use the oar, as the water was taking the boat, to God knows where.

She passed under several bridges but she didn't find anyone around, then ahead she saw a small boy holding a small puppy wailing his lungs out near a small strip of land. By the look of it, Naomi knew, that strip will be immersed before long. The boy's parents and villagers were trying to rescue the lad, but to no avail, as the current was too strong for them to reach him. So Naomi decided to steer her boat towards the boy.  She used her oar to nudge her boat towards the boy and it indeed did change course towards the boy.

To be continued.......

Moral :-

Making a Decision "At the Right Time" can change many  lives along with yours.

See You


Friday, August 3, 2018

The Boat with a Stern Ring

Once upon a time, there lived a family of four, a husband, Eric, wife, Isabel, a baby daughter, Eline and Eric's mother, Naomi in a very beautiful place.

Eric, a  scientist, was researching on a certain species of plant which helps in curing all diseases. He bought a plot of land with a small house and a large area of paddy fields on one side and a small rivulet on the other side. It was a beautiful perfect setting for a family to grow  and a calm place for his research. The family lived happily there.

 One day, Isabel had severe bleeding and Eric immediately took her to the hospital leaving behind his daughter in the care of his mother. His mother assured him, "Son, don't worry, everything would be okay, just get to the hospital with care." Bidding his mother both goodbye, Eric left for the hospital in town, with Isabel.

Naomi, knelt down near Eline's bed and started praying, but suddenly, she felt water on her legs. "Holy Heavens!!!! what is happening!!!!!" She shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath, "God, I am hoping, its not the worst father!!!!  I don't even have a general idea, what I am going to do. The only request,  Go........d, Please help me!!!!!" She immediately thought, switch off the main power at the back of the house.

With deep sadness, she rose from the floor, dripping wet and slowly sloshed her way to the door, she couldn't believe her eyes, two steps down and the whole of ground floor was knee deep in water. With tears rolling, she cried silently, she had no clue how she is going to save her grandchild. She was in a no man's land and she was not sure, whether there would be anyone who knew that there was an old lady and a baby all alone in this house. She knew, she cannot wait for her son Eric to return back. So she slowly waded to the back of the house to switch off the power and to her utter surprise and shock, she couldn't believe her eyes, a beautiful boat which was perfect for her and grandchild waited, as if someone had called for its service. With tears flowing she shouted silently from inside "Thank you God!!!! Thank you God!!!! Thank you God!!!!" She switched off the power and waded into the water and slowly pulled the boat towards her, which was so easy to bring it near to the house. It even had a very beautiful stern ring to tie a rope through it.
Naomi pulled the boat into the house and went in search of a strong rope, which was not hard to find, as they had used meters of it to pack their things. The only thing now left to do is, pack the basic necessities for her and Eline and get off from there before the house falls on them.

To be continued..... The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi

The Moral of the story :-

You can pray to God to save you, but your first step is the decisive factor, only then, God can help you.

See You.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Lonely Boat

Hey Guys!!!!!

This story is dedicated to all the people who are affected by natural calamities. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Once upon a time, there was a boat - a simple boat with a small oar. It was made of the best wood and very lightweight too. Unfortunately, there weren't any takers for this boat. The boat stayed in the dock all alone.

The boat was very sad.  It felt useless and good for nothing. It started crying,  it cried and cried, but nothing changed. Then it started praying to God, "God, send me a sturdy, strong man to steer this boat through all the seas of the world. Still nothing happened. Time passed, months passed and the boat stayed all alone.

One fine day, the boat found that there was water lapping all around it. "Really!!!! How is it possible!!!! No way, but later it came to know that there is a big flood raging in the land and the boat also became a part of its casualty, it started drifting on the flooded water and slowly started moving towards the flow of the river. The boat got scared, it thought, "where will I end up?" It had no choice, but to go by the flow because the flood was taking it in its course. It started moving so fast, that it thought, it was going to wreck on something hard. But that didn't happen.

The boat travelled a few kilometers when it got stuck between some shrubs behind a small house. The boat looked about, there was only this one house and nobody around. It had a feeling that this house also would not stay long in this force of the water. The boat stood there idly watching the passing water and its silent noise. Then a hand took hold of the stern of the boat (back part of the boat) and started dragging towards the house.

The boat was surprised, "It just went where it was dragged and it looked to see who was dragging it from behind and lo behold!!!!! It was an old frail woman.

The boat was overjoyed, I would be serving an old lady!!!! she cannot even stand on her own two feet!!!! please God, let me be the right boat for her.

To be continued..... Why is this old lady all alone?....

The Morals of the story

  1. "Each and Every Prayer is answered but not in the way, we expect. So accept it happily.."
  2. "We all are here to fulfill a purpose, the only thing is, be open to the right moment, right place for the right cause for the right person."
  3. "Even before the problem comes, the solution has been readied for us. So never lose hope during our bad times, just have faith in God to let Him work the miracle for you."

See you guys.

Be kind to correct me if I am wrong, open to all suggestions!!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Simply Life

Hey Guys!!!

Two months back, I happened to visit Mumbai. The amount of people and the way they co-exist is indeed mind boggling when we come face to face with that area. But there are certain areas, which divides the rich from the poor. Colaba region is one such area where we find financially high category. The structures in this area and the space they occupy (very quaint and historical) and above all, we feel an aloofness, where an outsider feels alienated. we don't feel like talking to anyone or smiling at anyone.

But there is another place where even an outsider feels like an insider - The Darawi Slums. Here even the vehicles weave without mishap through the throng of people, which literally are jostling and the best part is, all have work, nobody stays idle. The toddlers, the kids, the youngsters, the youth, the middle aged and the old all are busy. I have never seen such a congested area where one has not a foot space vacant. 

There are factories of leather, pottery, paints, food orders, soaps, recycling papers, paint containers, etc... , residential areas and through this there are railway lines, where trains pass by at regular intervals and roads were regular buses ply along with other vehicles. 

The residential area is another cup of tea, the place is so attached to each other, we feel that a small whiff can blow the whole structure away, that much precarious it looks, but it is not so as it has withstood the test of all fury of nature. But the sadness creeps when we see kids sitting on the doorstep looking at life happening in the street which is a foot width and a street dripping with water (as some of the waterline is dripping, its like a perennial drip) and added to that woe, no daylight pierces the gloom over that street (as most buildings are double storied where it joins the two opposite buildings from the first floor) and still the children are quite calm and tranquil.

I have been teaching children ranging from 3 yrs- 17 yrs as a teacher. I have seen the way the children respond when they are allowed to have a play time between class hours and also how they respond when the same activity denied. So when I saw these kids, both boys and girls managing with whatever space they were dished out, I was surprised and I showed my kids, the way they live.

The people in the rich area are all engrossed in maintaining health by walking long steps with swinging hands from one end of the road to the other, the youngsters engrossed in phones and the general ambience is that of fun and idle. 

In Dharawi (slum), all are working, there isn't anyone who stays idle, I walked through most of the area and only below 10 youngsters did I see checking on their phones, the rest all were working. I even saw an old lady cleaning the pots taken off from the kiln, that lady was so wrinkled and so thin, that I was awed by her focus on sustaining herself.

I felt unsafe in the richer area and exactly opposite in the slums. Here in the slums, people work with their bare two hands and earn by the sweat of the brow, no shortcuts, just plain brawns and brains without computers or high tech intelligence but in the richer places, they make others do the job and earn from others sweat, thereby having more money in the pockets and more extravagant in their spending too.

The contrast is so pronounced between these two places that we can also feel the chasm between simple genuineness of the slum and the veiled deception of the upper class.

In the slum, a square foot can accommodate 3- 4 people easily and still they are happy to accommodate some more, on the other hand, if its any other place, it would cause a mayhem.

And the awesome fact, in these slums, there are people from all walks of life from all states of India, which we can differentiate easily by the way they live. In short if ever we need to point an example of Unity in Diversity in India, then I would say - Darawi Slum is an apt place.

Anyway, seeing is believing.

The impression they left in my life with one single walk is indelible.

The Impression - Life is not what we strive for but the way we live with ourselves and with others on a daily basis is what makes a difference in us.

A feeling of warmth and love is generated within us and around us when we are simple.

Hoping, I have helped you understand how much we are missing on life with an apt example of Dharawi.

See you.

Take Care