Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Choice - Jancy James

Hey Guys!!!!

I am sorry, I was not able to write for two days, its not because I was lazy, its just that I was sick. So while I was sick I saw a movie. In that movie, the mother of the heroine says to her daughter, "Don't ask God what you want, just say to God your problem and He will solve it for you more perfectly than imagined."  Isn't it Wow!!!! I was touched and it made me think, that is what we all do, we plan and waste all the time to solve our problem (which is incessant). When in real, we are making our life more tangled and complicated. So how about "Let God do the needful and we enjoy life????"

Great!!! Now back to my friends. You might wonder why I am continuing with my friends, you know we have several organs and parts in our body, but each part is unique, we cannot replace it with any other part, likewise, each person helped me to be me as you see now. 

My dad would always say, "just find one good trait in the person who is in front of you and try to incorporate it in your life, it makes a lot of difference. Then you will know how unique the person is." As a result, I was always in search of the good in people, friends, families and that made a great impact in my life - This world is a better place to live, eventually I am also growing from zero to +1. And as the Bible say, "What you sow, so shall you reap." What I believe is what I get - And I believe - All people are good people.

Now I have Jancy James, I have never seen so focused a girl in my life. She was multi talented. Though she was small in stature, she was a power house of talents. She studied, danced and above all she had long hair. She was in the boarding and to be frank, I didn't know she existed there. I have never seen her play.

whenever I remember her, the first thing that comes to my eyes was the way she took care of her hair. She applied oil on it, did her hundred strokes on it when all were busy playing.  She was always studying or doing whatever she was supposed to do, very systematic. She never was idle even for a moment. Since she could have played and been sad and squandered her time and blamed her parents for separating her from her family, etc..etc.... But she never did anything of that sort. She was a go getter. She was first in dancing, solo and group. Academically, she was in the first five rank category (it was her first time in an an English medium school, so you can imagine how much she has to work hard to achieve it along with dance practices and her personal care, etc..etc...)

That is when I knew, she was one heck of a person at the age of 13, who had real strength of character to go for what she wants and believe it even after 5 years, she never deviated from it.

That made me think, it is our CHOICE whatever it may be, that decides our destiny, not  people or situation.

That strength of will is more than necessary to survive and overcome our own mind and thoughts because our mind is the worst enemy which makes us deviate our resolutions and dreams and whatever.

You know, the funny thing is, even now, it is a Herculean task for me to wake up at 5 am in the morning but as I said, its my choice, I can decide. If  I want, I can sleep with 1001 reasons, In short, I try to, (believe it!!! I really try every single moment) consciously to make my choice with the strength of character.

I would like to thank Jancy for showing live for 5 years continuously that the strength of character doesn't come accidentally but by choice.

The best part is after all this struggle and conquering only you will know the difference and that is worth it!!!! More worth than all the life put together you will know you have conquered the Himalayas!!!! You have taken the first step to the moon!!!! And you will be gaining the gift of Life. The smile you give unto your self, the proud feeling  of conquering and if it happens every day, what a wonderful day will it be!!!!

Thank you Jancy.

See you guys. Hope you would also see something good in both friends and foes and share it.


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