Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Spur of The Moment - Biju

Hey Guys!!!!

Today I took a rickshaw to go to the bank, this bank is near the road and it has some parking space too inside. Usually the rickshaw drivers stop on the road and I cross the road to get into the bank, but today, this man turned the auto into the driveway of the bank and stopped exactly at the doorstep of the bank. Imagine my feelings or should I say surprise? That is what I call making a difference. I gave an extra tip for him. What do you think?

There are thousands of professionals but if you really love what you do, you will make sure that your clients are happy, by going an extra mile for them. Hope you could make yourself go that extra mile...... And be the best in your field of expertise. Here the money is not the counting factor, it is the service, the money automatically comes to you for sure. Want to bet????

So I come to the last classmate who was more of my kind than anyone in that class - a dreamer??? His name is Biju, he was a very good artist, he used to draw a lot, he was an easy going person, a last bencher and always smiling.

Whenever I think of him its his ready smile and a lot of sense of humour to boot. I don't know whether he took his life seriously then, but one thing was sure, he enjoyed his life. I don't know whether he still paints but if he has continued, then for sure he might have perfected the art.

The thing which I learned from him is, just slow down, go easy and enjoy life. I used to feel that he was the spur of the moment guy. His decisions and actions are very quick and fast. I think that influenced a lot - don't wait, just decide and go for it. I got this quick thinking and acting upon it without waiting from him and it got enhanced when my dad passed away without even a moment's notice. So I knew, its always better to be fast in doing what you have already decided to do.

Thank you Biju, it was a great privilege to have been part of your life and showing me to act fast

I would like to thank all my other classmates - Sini, Annie, Anjana, Jancy, Rency, Jinson, Saneesh and Gain. You guys were the best I could ever have in my life and the best influence I am very proud of to have cultivated in this long journey of my life.

Hope you guys have some good memory of me, but if ever I have hurt you, please do forgive me as a faulty teenager's misdemeanour?

I have never had any regrets to have been in SHEMHS when I was there. One thing I can guarantee, it was my destiny that you guys play an important role in my life and I salute you all for tolerating me for 3 years straight (13, 14 & 15 yrs)

See you.


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