Thursday, July 5, 2018

Self Importance - Anjana Chandran

Hey Guys!!!

You might be wondering, why I am writing about some of the people specifically. There are three reasons.

  1. I am dissecting my life when it started to matter and that begins with - People.
  2. To get clarity for me the details which brought change in me.
  3. If ever these friends of mine read this blog, they would know that they were special at least to one person-Me. They made a difference for me.
Today I am speaking about Anjana Chandran. We both had a special connection, before I was enrolled in this school in Idukki at the age of 13, we studied in the same school, same bench in Kochi the year before. Its really incredible the circle of life.

She was really a studious child, an only daughter for her parents and she was the focal point of her parents. If ever I think of pampered children, I will think of Anjana, please note, its pampered, not spoiled. She is not over talkative. She doesn't joke often, but I think I have heard her crack one or two jokes in the four years we were together.

She wasn't very sociable because it was her background, but still she touched many hearts with her silence. She was a very good dancer as well as good in studies, but I have never seen her in vain. Her father graced the highest post in the Hydro Electric Project in Idukki and with his help, we could see the inside of this place. If it was my father, I would have strutted (I think), but Anjana was Anjana, for her, it was like, we were taken to some backyard garden, it was not a big deal for her.

The first and the last thing she taught me was that there was nothing self important for helping people. Its just given freely.

I wanted to say, we don't learn everything from one person and no person is without a message for us. So, I hope you guys find that message for us because its what we should take from them.

See you.


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