Friday, July 20, 2018

Let God Provide - Enjoy your Ride

Hey Guys!!!!

Today I happened to meet a person who always asks me, "How is business?"

I replied, "Oh!!! by the grace of the Almighty, everything is superb." His eyes widened and said, "Really??"

If you look at my business sheet, its zero (0) and my bank account pass book it has a 3 digit number, so he should be surprised by my answer.

But I told him, "You know, God has a tendency to provide for us out of nothing. And I don't know about you, but I like to see God work His magic on me. So I let Him provide for me and enjoy my life, as it comes."

He smiled and replied, "What you said is true, I am sitting here simply but my body is working non stop and I don't even have a role in it. That is a good example of the miracle of God, isn't it?"

I smiled and nodded.

So, what about you? Do you have to do everything on your own, including the beating of your heart?

Yeah, you might think me sarcastic but believe it, aren't we overrating our existence? Like getting tensed in our worst situations. Getting angry for trivial reasons. Blaming others for the unfairness of life, etc...etc...

When we can't even make our nails grow a micromillimeter, when everything happens like clock work according to the decisions we make, what difference does it makes with all these negative emotions?

My one and only request is, kindly avoid negativity, even if you are immersed in negative situation (I know its a big request to ask for). I will give an apt example. Kerala has been having incessant rain for the past few weeks and rivers started overflowing and the main casualties were the low lying areas where roads and houses were flooded. My friend Sini's house ground floor was in water and there were fishes too, still she stayed with her spouse on the top floor of the same house and felt it as an adventure, when asked, how she is faring. Here she had a choice, she can either be depressed and blame her circumstances or as I pointed earlier, she could take it as an adventure (believe it, it surely is an adventure if we think positively, we don't get to have fishes and aquatic beings roam about our living room and kitchen and bedroom and toilet for several lifetimes for sure. Anyway, I would say Sini is one hell of a brave girl, who could think as such.). It takes great courage to think positively, if you have it in you, be sure, you are a winner in life.

Life throws all these curve balls at you several times in your life for sure,  you have only to make the right positive decision and the rest God waves His magic on you (The waving happens if you have only positivity), you just have to sit and enjoy the ride. So now I hope you understood why I say, just make the right decision and enjoy life.

See you soon.


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