Friday, July 6, 2018

God's Plan for the World - Lailamma

Hey Guys!!!!

One of the most simplest classmates I have had is Lailamma. I have never seen any big kid so childlike. Lailamma came from a lower middle class faily. The only difference between Lailamma and me was, she worked in the convent instead of playing. She was an upbeat person. Her main focus was the headmistress of our school, Sr. Jonas. Her world revolved around this nun. If the nun was angry, Lailamma will wilt within the second, but she forgets it and returns back to her normal self.

She was not the type to hold grudges. I don't know whether she knows me, even though we were 13 in class, she was like a butterfly.

Regarding the studious part, she was not very brilliant because she wasn't used to having to learn the subjects in English language. Even though it was very difficult for her to understand, despite all odds, she learned really hard and tried to pass just to get a smile from the headmistress and I think and feel that the headmistress reciprocated her affections too (Don't get me wrong, I would rather be far away from teachers instead of looking at their faces for all the nuances of their expression and getting caught and getting detention, Forget It!!!!). Anyway Sr. Jonas never showed her affection publicly, but that didn't matter to Lailamma. She just wanted to bask in the presence of this nun.

You know, there were kids who goaded Lailamma to make her angry by saying, "Sr. Jonas  is mine." And you know what her reply was, "Feel free she is all yours." (usually, in boarding there was a conflict in the matter of affection. In fact there was a boarder who really had a big crush on the boarding mistress and when the boarding mistress talks to me, this girl would come immediately to make sure I don't have any soft feeling for her favourite teacher.)

I am really lucky, that I was able to witness this type of feelings in my lifetime for real like Lailamma's, believe it, no movies could picture it so perfectly. It is simply Wow!!!!

Lailamma, showed me :-

  •  How you just let go everything for Love. 
  • The extreme sacrifice one gives for love is worth the risk.
  • Reciprocating love is not expected.
  • The only thing that matters was just love for the beauty of loving.
Thank you Lailamma. You really nailed God's plan for the world for all the world to see beautifully, hats off!!!!!

See you guys.


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