Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Gain - The Don Juan

Hey Guys!!!!

Though I am a social worker at heart, I do business for a living, believe it or not, I should be the last person to be in that profession because I don't know how to put a value for my service. When ones heart is involved, we just do it for love, kindness and all the heartly feelings, instead of money gain. So materialistically I have nothing to be proud of except I am there. Even now, my mom is angry with me for squandering my education for nothing. Well!!! I should thank my parents for giving me the best education in the best of schools, it helped me being me, making me happy, knowing a world which is far beyond my imagination and living my life to the maximum.

Why I am saying this? I am happy what I am doing because I am following my heart. Do what your heart says and that is what is important in the end, that is the right path to get the ultimate fulfilment in life. No matter what the society says, if you feel strongly about what you do or want to do, then I would always say, "Go for it" - Take the risk, so that, when you are laid in the coffin, you wouldn't regret, thinking, "I should have given that work or the deed at least one try, now its too late."

So about my classmates, who helped me be me. Today I am talking about Gain, the last bencher. He was actually a Don Juan of the whole school. He was both good looking and smart. He was an all rounder both curricular and extra curricular activities. He knew about the world than the whole class put together. He was full of jokes and laughter.

But personally, I have felt that he had some sadness within, I don't know because I have never asked him and he has not shown it or told it. Its just a feeling,

There is one personality of Gain which I have seen several times coming out in the forefront. He is a champion of the weak. He never tolerates bullying and he goes to any extent to help whoever is in need. And he has no qualms to face any obstacles to fulfill his obligation and above all, if ever anything backfires, he never blamed anyone. He just took it upon himself all the responsibility.

Imagine a 13yr old, championing for the weaker section and taking full responsibility of the consequences? I have watched the faces of several kids in school, studying in lower classes whom Gain has helped - the relief on their faces. That is when I became aware that people help other people not for any recognition or anything, just for the sake of being there when in need. Isn't it a good reason to help? Now he was popular in the school because he was nice to all.

I would like to thank Gain for making me conscious that a good heart is the only requirement to make oneself a popular person or should I say a Don Juan?

So, now you know that age is not a factor to help people, wherever you are, whoever you are and however old you are, you can help. Hope you would have nothing against it?

See you.


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