Saturday, July 7, 2018

Consistency - Rency Alex

Hey Guys!!!!!

The next classmate which I would like to introduce is Rency Alex. If ever I think about her it was the way she maintained her beauty and the way she dressed up. She was also good at studies and she has been studying in this school from kindergarten.

She had a competitive spirit and always came in the category of first five ranks. (Please note  I was in the last or the second last rank holder). So its always good to appreciate all the intelligent people, which was literally the whole class.

Now back to Rency, her consistency and persistency is what struck me to the core. From day 1 she always dressed well and made herself so beautifully that it was indeed a sight to behold. Usually at the age of 13 (personally, even now), I never cared how I presented myself but she did and still continues, even at this age is something to appreciate about.

In life consistency is an asset which we really should cultivate and seeing Rency, I knew I can't compete in dressing up, but I made sure, I keep my promises.

I know, you might roll your eyes, but believe it for kids, keeping promises makes a lot of difference. If the elders break promises, it broke our hearts.

Then another trait I want to be consistent about was waking in the morning. Even now, its a big tug of war between the real me and the lazy me. The real me knows the importance of waking up early, but the lazy gives a 1001 reasons not to, but since I had already decided, no matter what I will be consistent, I wake up.

So all these good traits I have incorporated  was because of Rency and even now I consciously do it, just to prove myself I am consistent. Thank you Rency for this life changing lesson, I appreciate it.

Hope you too could incorporate this beautiful trait for a better life.

See you.


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