Thursday, July 19, 2018

Being a WoW Teacher - Sr. Daisy Kozhikott

Hey Guys!!!!!

I would like to speak about a very good teacher, who really made a difference in a big way. She was a nun, her name is Sr. Daisy Kozhikott.

In life I have always wondered why I made the choices I made. One of the choices was to become a teacher, believe it or not I had the mightiest stage fear you could ever imagine and still has (undoubtedly). I tend to forget when I am in front of people, whether it is a kindergarten student or big guys. But my life forced me to take a job to teach students from Kindergarten to class 12 and at one point of my life even bank managers and bank clerks.

I didn't know how I was evaluated by my kids, nobody told me, how I was. I thought I was an okay teacher, please note :- Not a WoW!!! teacher, only okay. 

I only became a teacher to be with my kids always... both at home and school and during vacations too, until the time I had to let go off them. But when I resigned from job I got the best compliment from the most unsuspecting quarter - my kids.

Do you want to hear what it was? "Mom, you were the best teacher that school could ever have. Kindly come back." Usually our own children never acknowledge our value, but when it happens, believe it, its shocking and the credit goes to one true teacher, who taught me how to not be a loving and best teacher - Sr. Daisy. She is and will be my role model as a teacher.

I know you will be surprised, when I say, Sr. Daisy always breathed on my neck for each and everything. She was both my English teacher as well as my boarding mistress. So what happens in the boarding carry forwards to the school and vice versa. When a student is always the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons, what will the student think? She ain't no good for anything. I was in that category. I was always summoned for all the wrongs and received all the punishments and the irony of it was, everybody felt Sr. Daisy cared for me more than all the students except for me. But you know what I regretted most? She requested me to meet her in the evening of the day before my departure from school - The last day of my school life.

Expecting another lecture, I didn't meet her and she came to me that night, but by then I had already slept. The next day, she came to me and said in one line, "Meena I expected to meet you yesterday, anyway, now I cannot say much, but I would like you to know that you were special and I really cared for you." Imagine my shock!!!!!

She had 3 years of my life and she never ever uttered a single word of kindness. If I had known at any point of my time there, how she felt, I would have been a different person (I think). So when I became a teacher, I made sure that I don't repeat the only mistake Sr. Daisy made (expressing her feelings). Don't doubt, she was a hell of a teacher as well as the best boarding mistress. Now you know why I became a teacher of my kids? 

When I became a teacher, those kids of school taught me a few lessons of their own - To just give wings to the imaginations. Its so beautiful to go on their wings of imaginations, innocent and wild. I don't know how many stories I made up when I was with these guys. If ever you believe I am a writer, it's courtesy to my students. But the language I am now using is courtesy to Sr. Daisy Kozhikott. Thank you Sr. You made me the best person in three aspects of my life - Being the best mother, teacher and the english language I speak. 

The only regret I have now is, I never met her after my school life. Well!!! If ever I get an opportunity, I might meet her (I hope, I don't know.) I am not keeping any promises!!!!

See You.


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