Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Second Chance

Dear friends!!!!!

Some days back, one of my colleagues asked me, "Chechi (sister), we help others and they do not reciprocate in that same way, should we continue to help them?"

That is the usual way of thought for most people, we expect in return what we are giving, so I replied, "Then what will be the difference between you and them? Just give them a second chance or a third chance or a fourth, it doesn't matter, how much." Its better to lose count of giving chances than to lose hope in humanity because we all do need more than second chances in our lives at one point or another. So that we are able to make a difference for ourselves as well as for others.

But there is one big glitch in it, we will have to have a big heart to forgive to give them the second chance.

I'll give an example, Suhaz, my colleague, he is a very good guy, who helps lot of people a lot and he is a fast and good cook, he is punctual and ensures all the guests are happy. His designation cannot be concised to one, he is the reservation manager, he is a receptionist, receives guests, he also cooks food, serves food, acts as a bell boy, etc...etc... (Now you can relate to his service mentality). One day, the hotel he is working decided to lease the kitchen and their coffee shop to another business people and the new owners took over - the kitchen and the coffee shop. Though Suhaz job was halved, he helped the new staff in their transition, as our clients are mostly Europeans. But one fine day, the main chef decided to show his might, while Suhaz was eating food in the small space reserved for eating in the kitchen, the chef asked him to remove his person out of that place immediately, and he reiterated that space is for only their staff and no staff of the hotel are allowed entry.

Imagine the humiliation of Suhaz, but he just got up and took his plate and removed himself from there. It was a shock for all the Hotel staff (not the coffee shop staff). That is when the first question of this blog came into being, "Should we help these people?".

I don't know what prompted that chef to behave as such, but one thing be sure, we learn from this experience, be conscious with your words, this chef got a second chance but we might not get to correct this situation. 

Anyway Suhaz gave the chef a second chance, but before the chef generated a reason for a third chance I went and spoke to the chef. Do you want to know what I said, "Chef, please don't generate bad destiny for yourself by the wrong decisions you are creating by hurting people. I understand its your duty to maintain a very high standard in your kitchen, you can put up all the rules and regulations and that is fine with us, but kindly refine your way of presenting yourself to your subordinates, earn their respect than ruling like a Hitler. What you sow will be what you reap. Decide now what you want for yourself and act likewise. In real life, designation doesn't count but your thoughts, words and actions count, use it wisely."

That's what I have to say to you too guys, its always good to have a second chance, but I would say don't create a need for a second chance please......... Sow the right seeds, the right way.

Have a nice day.

See you.


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