Friday, June 29, 2018

Respect Personal Space - Sini C Joseph

Hey Guys!!!!

You might know by now, that I have been shuttling from boarding to boarding. I was adept in all the nuances of boarding life. Actually I was bit jaded in the perspective of life, parents, children,  teachers, the atmosphere of school, boarding or whatever. You might wonder what I am talking about.

You know boarders are kids where they are away from home, given the best of facilities, food, accommodation and no house work except eat, sleep, study, pray and go to school. The only drawback, they are deprived of the warmth, love and care of their parents.

 As a seasoned boarder, I surely knew what to expect. And I think my heart was hardened by the battering I received until then. So I was prepared to face all the hurts dished out to me fro this new school. But I was proved wrong.

What was different in this school which was not found in others? For sure it was not any grand gestures.  I don’t know whether you guys would believe it, most of the students in my class were filthy rich but nobody boasted about it as in big town schools.

As a new student and a cynic to the core, I don’t barge in on anybody to make friends, I would rather have none. So naturally I tend to get alienated, but luckily I had one classmate, Sini who had one year experience in staying in the boarding and she could relate my situation. She was tall, beautiful and intelligent. She was the best  in both curricular as well as extra curricular activities and the most popular student of the school. She was humble and down-to-earth person.  But we had one thing in common, we both were back benchers, she, because of her height and me because I want to be invisible and less questions asked. Relationship wise, the back bench bond is a lifelong bond, never underestimate its strength because we both are still in contact despite my nomadic existence.

She never barged into my personal space, that is very important to note, we all have personal space, personal etiquette and personal ethics. If you can respect that of others, then be sure, the relationship is more stronger than iron.

Sini used to bring special foods or sweets from home for me. Sini has been studying in this school from kindergarten, so everybody knew her and she knew them too, but she always consciously made sure that I be included when there is a gathering of old friends, extra curricular activities,  etc…etc...

She taught me several lessons in the process, I don’t know whether she knew about it, but I got the feeling that

  • can make any choice whether I want to be with her or not. She is fine with all my decisions, whether I want her to be my friend or not.
  • She has never been angry with me. (I don’t know whether I was good or despite my being a total jerk, she forgave me. I will have to ask her about it.)
  •  She connects with people easily.
  • She never crosses anyone’s personal space.
  • She made me feel special and made me feel her best friend, if you ask any of my classmates, they would also say that they too are Sini's best friend. (Its a rarity in itself)
  • and much much more.....

 Sini was an integral part in my growing up and making my school life a memorable and special one. She added the much needed  lustre with her simple behaviour. That is how I learnt, it  is not necessary to be home with family to be happy. It’s the people who makes us happy, who makes the difference and its not necessary for any grand gestures, just simple simple acts of care is what makes it special. Now I know why parents ensure that their children have good friends. 

By the grace of the almighty, my friends were bestowed on me and believe it, they were the best and all came from this small quaint school. Don't you think I am lucky????

Sini, if ever you read this blog, I would like to say “Thank You for being my bench mate”. You are my role model and the best friend I could ever have in this lifetime. 

To be continued about my other friends....

See you guys.


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