Thursday, June 28, 2018

Plough Through Life

Hey Guys!!!!

I don’t know when a change happens whether  it happens physically too. To be frank, the first time I wore glasses or you can say I needed glasses to see clearly happened when I was 13. I literally couldn’t see what the teacher was writing on the board. And I was wondering, why nobody was complaining about the seeing part.

Now when I think about it, that is what we do in our everyday  lives, when we have a problem, we think for all the others too, that it’s a problem for them too, but in fact its not true. Each has his or her own problem created by oneself. Anyway, I bought a new pair of glasses during my annual medical check up and Lo Behold!!! I could see, in fact too clearly if you wanted to know what I felt, “My breath caught in my lungs” That was the first time I got to experience the beauty of the place.

I don’t know about you but when I have a problem, my whole focus was on it and that made me miserable day and night. Do you know what my problem was at 13? I didn’t know Malayalam, the second language which I had to compulsorily master it. And the whole class was really good at it and I for one didn’t even talk properly, then how was I going to fare in a very upper grade  reading and writing? Well I didn’t in the grammatical sense of the language. When I am writing it now reliving the emotions I had then, I really feel ridiculous. But for a teenager, it was a monumental task.

  I really hated to go to school. I really wanted to burrow myself in the cocoon of the blanket, but that will not happen in a boarding right? So fearing the worst I went to class and the Malayalam period  arrived and an old, soft centered nun stepped in. I was relieved, thanked the Lord, at least she would not force me to do what I am not comfortable with. But there is a twist to the story, when I was enrolled in this school, they usually ask a question “Why did you leave the last school?” and my dad answered in two parts.

  1. My brother is studying in that school (whose younger to me.)
  2. My best mark in Malayalam is 1. (Since its strength is less, they could personally help)
Luckily I didn’t know about it, but the Malayalam teacher was briefed about it and the first day, she asked me to read a paragraph and it was the most hilarious class than a comedy show and it took an whole class hour and still it was not sufficient to finish the paragraph. Imagine my humiliation being the butt of jokes. At that time, I was really miserable, but when I see it now, I remember, that my classmates made sure that I was not hurt by their laughter. They made sure I was included in all activities, jokes, games, etc….etc…. after class. Usually in other schools, there are so many students that we are really a needle in a haystack, nobody cares, that was the atmosphere I was used to, but this school  had only 13 students in my class because we were the first batch seniors. All were friends, not just friends but best friends. There were no enemies. Imagine!!!!! Its unimaginable, right? All being friends?  Yes, it was a fact, which really brought a new perspective of life. (But that doesn't mean that they used me for getting free time during class by asking teacher to do reading by Meena). Even now I wonder how come these guys became so sensitive to other people's feelings and became so caring because they are my age 13 year olds. Its no kidding!!! They were the best.

Even though I was terrible in Malayalam, it paved way to learn a new language in the most clear and perfect way, no slangs or lingos, just the original language. When people hear me talk now in Malayalam, they say I have no slangs and that is thanks to my classmates. Hats off to you guys!!!!

But I had one thing to do, to choose whether I be angry with my friends and my situation and be angry with my parents and the people around me or just use the friends and the situation to my benefit and help me grow. Anyway, I was not angry but one thing is for sure, I tried to plough through my life. It was not easy believe it.

To be continued….

See you guys


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