Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How Do You Love You?

Hey Guys!!!

How do you love you? Its actually simple, but as a human being we complicate it. How???? By not acknowledging.

First and foremost thing,

1. Enjoy the gifts we have been bestowed with - you can see, hear, taste, feel, walk, run, sleep, eat anything you like, have a roof over your head, dresses to wear, parents who brought you up, (lucky they didn't leave you on the streets), a good normal brain and there are loads of things you have been gifted with and you live daily with all these and much more. Be happy about it and thank the super power - God who gave it and cherish it with all your heart.(Tomorrow we might not know whether we will have these). Live consciously.

2. This is the most important factor which you should read carefully, you have all the faculties and how do you use it? Is it only for your own good or do you extend it to help others too? I will give an example, when we have to pick a very heavy object, we use two hands instead of one hand. When we need to walk we use two legs instead of one. Its the way of nature, look at the trees they have one big bark and from there several branches and from there several leaves but all these parts make only one tree. Which means, we are unique but we can’t make it as such unless we have outside help which has to come from within.

We are not who we are because we are kind and loving and intelligent and beautiful and whatever…. We are here because there were several people who helped us and broke us. Likewise we have a very big duty to help others and it takes greater courage to extend oneself to help others and very greater humiliation to ask help. But no matter what, we should go through that.

When you help others we feel a fullness within ourselves – a happiness, love and respect to our own self because we were able to make a small difference in another person, (Believe it or not, its addictive – this helping thing, if you start giving,  you would never stop. You would really be happy to give your last set of clothes and still you will be happy, very happy)

Now, when you need help, just send that message from your very being to the Universe, where the super power resides and be clear about it, what you need and that is when it comes to you. Have faith and when that happens, I would say it’s a miracle. When a miracle happens, how do we feel???? – Elated????? Yes that is when we know the power of life. The power of existence and the power of God. That means, don’t ask people for help, the Universe will send the right people at the right time at the right place. (believe it, this too is addictive – living by faith alone, you don’t need to worry about money or food or clothing or touring or home or whatever). So please don’t go beg from anyone.

In short, we are not keeping back anything we have, we share. We get what we want on our doorstep without raising a finger. Its the angels who surrounded us,  surrounding us and who will be surrounding us, who make this happen for us (PS :- angels doesn’t mean only good people, kind people or friends. Angels include our enemies and the people we really hate so badly too). Respect them, love them, thank them and cherish them. They are here only for our growth and not for our death. They are the best. That means you are the best. So is there an option of not to love you? – Nah!!!!

So I hope you are happy with you.

Hey today, I was able to talk to my friends, well some of my old classmates, who were my best friends, I will talk of them tomorrow, my memories of them. I hope they will not know I am writing of them. To be frank, they were the best. If I think of school life I think of them. So you know how special these guys are.

See you tomorrow.

Take care.


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