Thursday, June 21, 2018

Definition of Love

Hey Guys!!!

I know you might be thinking I am crazy, but let me ask a question to whoever reads this blog, "What is the definition of love?" I know you are rolling your eyes, believe it, I am also doing the same.

I am a fan of anything romantic, romantic books, movies, situations and happily ever after, etc...etc... Yesterday I was watching a movie, really a beautiful movie of Julie Andrews - "One Special Night".

Both the hero and the heroine are seniors. Their acting sup..erb. We can feel their attraction, but ultimately in the end for a happily ever after movie, they kiss till eternity - that is what I call the seal of Love.

When my younger son was 5 yrs old, he was watching an english movie, my husband was there at that time in front of the television, (In India, in the remote villages, they don't do kissings privately, so you can imagine how they will react when a public display presents itself. So keep this situation in mind and read the rest. My husband is a very very conservative and traditional person, so keep that in mind too.)

Now, back to the movie, it really was a great movie, anyway, there came a scene when the hero and the heroine was facing each other, it was that moment when the audience feels that love coming out from both the characters..... my son spoke loudly, "All of you, close your eyes, now its going to be a kissing scene." My husband looked at me and said, "If a 5 year old knows when a kissing scene is about to take place, how much you might have exposed him to these types of movies. (Eye Roll)" 

Quite frankly is there any Hollywood movies, which has no kissing? 

So kissing is a part of love (naturally) and that goes with sex too (naturally) and etc.. and etc....(naturally) But after all these things, in real life, there are more separation than one could contain. Why is that?

My explanation of Love.

Love is filling (Eye Roll). Have you heard about the organ called heart? It is there we should fill that filling and the name of the filling- Love. Please Note :- Not other people's love but yours and only yours can it be filled with. "Love is an expression of giving your whole without conditions, without expectations, without stipulations.

See you tomorrow to read the balance of Love is Filling (ha...ha...ha..).


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