Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Compromise? Not a Chance

Hey Guys!!!!

Yesterday I watched a movie and in that, the groom’s father gives a toast to the newlyweds. The gist of the message was “Be Happy, Be in Love and always be ready to compromise only then married  life will be successful.” For me the first thought was “Oh not again!!!!!.”

You know I learn my lessons from nature. There are two places which is my favourite – the sea and the forest. So I got to wonder why do I like those places, now I know why, they make compromises for the other. There is no division of territory, if there is no division, then there will be harmony. That is what that old man whom we say as the father of the  groom meant, when you get married, your partner is an extension of you. You shouldn’t be able to decide where you end and your partner begins. I know it’s a tall order to think as such but that is the only way to co exist or else you sure are doomed guys because you wouldn’t know when you got exited.  You don’t differentiate your own body parts which looks ugly and which looks good, do you?  It’s the same in life too and that goes with society too. A harmonious society is hard to come by and it can happen when we stop differentiating each and every nuance of others lives instead of focusing on the flaws that has to be rectified from within ourselves, were we are able to create a better world. And I learned to create my world when I turned 12. Where my shell was ripped off me.

My life was beautiful in the sense that I could be invisible with the number of students around me. I was good at it too. But unfortunately, God had several plans in store for me, which I don’t know I am comfortable with it still now. My life changed when I pleaded with my father, “Dad can we cut ties with Kerala? I don’t want to come to Kerala. I really hate that place”. I was 9 yrs old when I blurted out this monumental cry. I think my father’s heart might have broken, anyway he decided to educate me in Kerala.  That is how I came to Kerala and put me in another boarding. Until then both my brother and myself were together in the boarding but here we had to separate. Uprooting is not easy and in a place where we are the butt of all jokes tend to get nasty and that was the case with my brother. He used to get angry when somebody jokes at me or him. Well, personally I have more experience in the boarding than him, so I never bothered to reply, if you want to know, I didn’t know how to talk, what words to use. In boarding or in school, there is one single word which is in use often - “Silence”. And I really loved that word too because I didn’t need to talk with so many children both in school and boarding.

But my rambunctious brother was shuttled from school to school ending him in a small town school surrounded by hills and rivers and the songs of birds. He really loved the place, the students, the teachers and seeing that he was staying there, my dad enrolled me there, so that we be together. And that is how I stepped into this quaint school where the simplicity of life was intact. The name of the school - The Sacred Heart English Medium School, Moolamattom.

To be continued…..

See you.


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