Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Dream Job

Hey Guys!!!!

Today I was talking to my son, who is in search of his dream job. From my point of view, its a bit elusive for him. But I am not voicing it loud to him.

Seeing his quest, I felt, that I am seeing myself in his age, I too had the same problem. I really didn't like any job because I didn't know anything about any job. So I was not confident to put myself out there, thus making me a bad candidate to all the post I applied.

I was passionate about being a doctor, but unfortunately, circumstances forced me to drop it and search for a new passion, which I didn't have, but that does not mean that I should skip living. I took my life one day at a time and here I am to say the story of "The Dream Job"

When you think of a dream job, the first thing we think about is,

  • be happy about it
  • be expert in the field of work
  • being comfortable about the work
  • being at leisure always while working
  • highly paid
If all the above or some of the above is missing, then we still don't have  a dream job. Why don't everyone get a dream job? There is a reason.

We are going to dissect our personality. We are not made up of single trait for the whole of our lifetime. In a day, we have many personalities to ride on, that means we have completely changed now from when we were young. I will give you some examples of personalities, 

  • loving
  • adventurous
  • moody
  • jovial
  • sensitive
  • caring
  • understanding
  • angry
  • etc...etc...etc....
We have all the above and much much more traits in all of us, in short we all are multifaceted. So imagine we are a mix of all these, then will you be happy with one job? No, within no time, your dream job becomes a stale job. To make it a dream job, you will have to involve your heart into it. Never think or plan for each and every situation and action. Just feel it. Only love can touch all the facets of our personality. The best example is my life.

My Decision :-

 After losing my goal in life I decided to become a housewife, but the funny part is, I didn't know the abc's of cooking, cleaning, washing, whatever I am supposed to do in a household and I got myself married to a farmer with a large family and farm hands as an added bonus, 

My Situation :-
My husband really hated the sight of me. So he made sure I had no extra help. A big family of Father, Mother of 80 plus years, husband, 2 kids, farm hands, relations coming to meet father and mother and staying for a day or two. My entire childhood and adolescent years I had never worked for food or prepared food or done anything regarding housework, even wash a plate which I have eaten, we call it convent education.

My Workstation :-  We had no cooking stove or gas stove or any electronic gadgets (mixer grinder, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, etc...) which helps a housewife to simplify her work. I had to cook with firewood and prepare food for each time of the day separately at that time, I had to wait to cook different curries as the utensils were meagre. I had to dehusk coconuts, collect firewood tramping down the plantation, the floors were plastered with cow dung, so I had to replaster it with cow dung every two weeks.  

My Attitude :-
It was not easy, but it was a challenge which I took it upon myself to make it successful. I would never have got into this situation if it were not for my husband. Since there were many people who relied upon me, I had nothing to do but live my life on a day to day basis, tackling my situations as it comes to me. It was my decision to get married to my husband unknowing his attitude to me. Just because he is a jerk doesn't mean that I should be a jerk too. I have my own culture and tradition in me. The tradition of "Giving with Love". I loved to give, not money, but my talent, my courage, my zest to live happily ever after.

The Miracle :-

  • Before my dad passed away, he bought me a Home Encyclopaedia book. This book really saved my life there. Each and every detail I followed by the book, like cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, washing clothes, plates, etc... cleaning fish, meat, poultry etc..... all in all this book was my first saviour.
  • My father-in-Law loved to always sit near the fire, so he ensured that I had fire all the time for cooking and he also made suggestions on how to cook.
  • My mother-in-Law helped me grind coconut to paste on the grinding stone and cleaned the yard and babysit my kids.
  • The farm hands used to bring firewood when they come for breakfast, lunch and before departure. 
The Result :-

I had to focus on each and every act I did keenly, so that I didn't bungle. If ever I did, its not one person or two who would have to miss food and to top it all, my family couldn't afford to buy food from outside. What a dilemma. 
When I served each and every food, I was scared to death to look at their faces, it was like jumping into a deep gorge, not knowing what the outcome will be. When they had the first bite, the smiles wreathing on their faces are priceless. According to them, there was something unique about my cooking, the way I conducted myself to all the family members, farm hands, neighbours, relatives,  they felt cherished, special. If you want to know the truth, I never once bothered to make them like me, I just did my duty with love and dedication and at the end of the day, I was happy because I brought a smile to all the people who came to my home, who had my food, who spoke to me. What more satisfying can a job be.

Even now, everyone has a good memory of me.

Do you know why it happens? Even in the midst of all odds, the underlying emotion in all through this is love, of giving, of helping, expecting nothing in return. When you are humble enough to accept that you do not know anything, but still take the risk to make it happen, then with the help of miracles or angels, we make it happen.

You know, until now, life put me in different situation like housewife, travel agent, social worker, teacher, writer. It was not my choice, but I was put there for a certain period of time, just to help, and like I said, I had zero knowledge of the field of work, but I did it with love, patience and humility. Now all of the above jobs have become my field of expertise.

I have never had one moment to regret my decisions, now I live a multifaceted life, where I get the satisfaction of helping many people in different walks of life and connect to many people in the process through different ways.

In short, I would say, A Dream Job is not a specific profession. Its a medium of life that connects you to people. If you are able to give your whole being to each and every action of your life with love, then that, I would say is "The Dream Job".

What do you think?

See you.


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