Monday, May 7, 2018

Society - A Necessity

Hey Guys!!!

You know, when you are full of ideas, you wouldn't know where to start or what to start. But one thing is for sure, you will have to get off from the regular life to know the difference between the way you live and way you can make your life live. Get to see the people other than you, your family or your immediate society, believe it, its an eye opener.

The society where I live are people who are more bothered about appearances than anything which has depth. There is a saying which says that if your wife is from Cochin, its better to meet her family on the street than in her house because she would not have anything commendable there. Its not only in one place now its a part of society - thinking of me and my immediate family, the rest are outsiders.

So after a long time, I travelled to the slums of Mumbai. The amount of work, the number of people living and working there, the busy streets, the small pathways, the way they manage their space, the ceremonies with all the paraphernalias, the buildings are so jammed to each other, with so little space that its incredible the kids have any space to play other than the space before their homes which might be one foot and a half width space and in some areas no sunlight. But the best part is these kids are happy and at peace with their existence. All are happy in each other's company in this area.If ever you need to learn co-existence, we should go to the slums. 

Look at our body, each body parts are put together and they are literally taking space of other body parts and even then they work harmoniously, only then our body can work smoothly and perfectly, that is what we call co-existence. Each body part has its own duty, likewise each individual has its own duty, he/she has to do it without conflict or else, the society would not work smoothly.

Its important you are aware of the fact that people are not an outsider but a part of you, who completes you. Respect them and help them and the life will be far easier. Don't put any religion to any people please......

When you see the outside world, we will know what we are gifted with - Abundance, Space and above all a society. Cherish them.

See you guys.


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