Friday, May 25, 2018

Setting Goals

Hey Guys!!!

Do you know what I need in life, total freedom to follow my passion. That means we should have a true passion to make our life meaningful and a total freedom to do it.

So when you set goals, try to connect it with your passion and the chances are you can reach it within no time.

My thoughts :-

If ever you set a goal, make sure that its not achievable or out of your reach. That is when your mind and heart strengthens itself to take that leap of faith.

Which faith?

The faith in your self, that you can achieve it no matter what and that will be the ride of your life.

Believe it or not, the moment when you reach that summit or the destination or the goal, you will learn how priceless it is and don't stop there, set the next non achievable goal, because all goals are achievable within no time,  but the key word is "Passion".

Do you want to hear my story?

I had a very big passion, to become a doctor and save as many people as possible and mostly poor, I didn't want to marry but my dad was dead set against it, the reason he told was, "Meena, you are a girl, you need to marry and if ever you become a doctor, you cannot be a dedicated one because you have a family to manage which will hinder your career. You will have to choose one but not both

 and that happened when I was about to apply for  the entrance test, still I applied for it without my parents knowledge, but unfortunately, circumstances (the Supreme Power) too stopped me from writing that test, thereby producing a heartbroken Meena.

While growing, one thing I learned from my father, "Whatever you do, do it passionately, even though if you are not passionate about it." I know its weird but believe it, in my life it helped a lot, if it helps you can try it too.

So I started my life with a clean slate because I had to start over with nothing of my own, a blank Meena. I had to find myself and this is my journey, a learning journey, life puts something in front of me and I make the best out of it with passion. One thing I guarantee, the end result, I was happy in doing it and the party who received it was happy too. Its all a matter of having a heart.

Ready to take the plunge?

See you.


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