Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nobody Needs Me

Hey Guys!!!!!

"Nobody Needs Me" is a dialogue or a thought every human being goes through at one point or several points in their life. I too had it several times. Its natural. But how do you face it, that is what makes the difference.

Saying it loud helps, I didn't mean shout it, just answer
Q :- What is the problem?
A :- I feel unwanted, I feel alone, I don't know... I feel like dying.....
Q :- But why? What made you think that? Is it because somebody did not acknowledge you or appreciate you or left you out?
A:- I don't know...... its the feeling of sadness its just coming up, I don't know, I can't put it into words. I don't know how to explain.
Q:- Okay, can you say what happened today in your life since you woke up?
A:- Say all the details.... every single minute one, even if it is just nothingly nonsense, just say it...
Q:- There lies the answer, a small minute matter triggered this thought.

I will give my life experience

It was long time back when I was studying in college. I met a girl, who was actually in my class and in the same hostel, but I hadn't met her even after studying there for one year, but quite accidentally we met and we started talking and in between she told me that her parents died in a car crash and she is living with her aunty and her family.

Afterwards, she started coming by whenever she is free, but she had her set of friends, who were very possessive of her. But seeing that she was making other friends, they didn't like it and started spreading bad rumors about me, which made me feel sad because at 17, we are in the prime of making friends and when its messed up, I don't think so we feel happy about it, we feel one big hole within ourself, where we would like to hide in alone. But what I did was, I went to the chapel because it was my hole to hide and asked all the above listed questions and I know its crazy, believe it, you are free to talk in a chapel because you are alone there and when you hear it clearly with no grammar and full of emotions for sure, you will get the answer that its not my problem but someone else's. This talk brought clarity, I didn't do anything wrong and as truth always prevails, I just left a happy person. You know, you can write your problem and read it, you will surely gain clarity.

Since I found the reason for my unhappiness, I shrugged because I can't do anything to clear my name, but I can choose to be happy for being famous. In the end, everybody came to know the actual truth - an extension of jealousy and I the same then and after.

So now you know what happens when one miserable person acts upon their misery, they make others miserable, but you have a choice whether you want to take up on it or just flit away from their miserable missiles, its your choice.

The Message :- Nobody can make you unwanted, nobody can make you lonely or alone, nobody can hate you, only you can make that of you. You can decide you are unwanted, you can make yourself lonely, you can make yourself alone, you can make yourself hate you. Its your choice.

 If you know who you are, then you don't need anyone to acknowledge it, just live your life happily, ever after...... without hurting others...

See you soon.


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