Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Go For It

Hey Guys!!!!

You might be wondering, what does "Go For It" means.

Well!!!!! when we were small we had only small goals and each and everyone around us motivates us to "Go For It". You can do it. And we have gone for it and achieved it too.

But as we grow older, we decide or choose according to the dictates of our experiences, society and above all, anything which has no risks or pitfalls - The result - Unhappiness, a voidness, something missing.

Why is that?

Its because there is this one key ingredient which is missing - Passion to "Go For It". I would like to say an incident which happened in my life.

As a rule, I am not a great cook or a home maker or a person who knows to clean her own room or for that matter her own room or wash clothes. So I ended up in a place where I had to be all of these and more, I became the lady of an ancestral house with parents who are 80 plus with workers to help in the field and family members going in and out of the door and my duty to manage the household with kids of my own 6 months and 2.6 yrs and a job as a teacher for me.

Not one single person to help, I had to do it on my own each and every single task

My schedule starts at 2.30 am

Immediately after waking, the only thing I asked was, "God help me out." Imagine a person with no general idea of a systematic housekeeping can manage this big a task, its like watching the big ocean from the shore, its endless, its unmanageable and its not conquerable, right, but I say from experience, everything is possible, just "Go for it." 

So first task, I undertook was cooking lunch for 12 members, the menu usually varied but in general it was - Rice, some vegetable curry, non veg and a gravy.
Then porridge for my 6 month old son and breakfast consisting of North Indian or South Indian dishes which my husband, my father-in-law and my elder son of 2.6yrs old had and the workers and the mother-in-law ate only tapioca and fish or meat or something non veg, which has to be prepared along with the other breakfast simultaneously and then the time for the wake up call for my kids. They are just babes, we will have to pamper them and wake them up smiling after that I had to make sure that they go to the toilet and given bath and given breakfast and dressed for school with their lunch box ready and a snack box for the younger one. By that time, the school bus comes to pick me up and my children, luckily, the driver waits for me, so I didn't take a single day leave.

When I return back home, the whole plates from breakfast to lunch would be stacked in the basin, the clothes for washing in another big heap, but one best thing which I would thank the gods was, my mother-in-law made sure to keep the house and yard clean, so that people don't think bad about them and my mother gifted me with a washing machine. Its not necessary, that only family members will help or friends will help or the people we helped will help. These guys will not be there for you when you want them, but believe it or not, there will be hordes of people as guardian angels, just give them the chance to help you out.

Do you know why I said this? It doesn't matter what the task is, how big the task is or how incapable we are for the task, if you want it to happen, just go for it and the rest, will join with you to help you fulfill your goal.

Hope you understand the power in you, the passion in you, just, "Go For It."

Take care

See you.

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