Monday, May 28, 2018

Five Senses, A Necessity????

Hey Guys!!!!

First lets check, what the five senses are :-

  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Ears
  4. Tongue
  5. Skin
Now, why do we need these five senses?
Ans :- To see, smell, hear, taste and to feel. Its cute isn't it? 

But when the stomach rumbles or the heart pains or the breathing acts up does these senses have any role? Do they know that there is a stomach or a kidney or a heart or whatever inside the body who is working very hard day and night, without fail, in the first place who help to survive us, making our life a better place to live?

Ans :- I as Meena or we as human being look in the mirror and see a very beautiful face and see a scar or an acne or a dark circle or a mole or whatever we see we immediately wail and whine and turn the world upside down to correct it, that goes for the other senses. But we would not even know the ailments inside our body unless its too late. 

What does that mean?

Our world revolves around the five senses, we are conscious of each and every nuance of ours as well as our neighbours flaws with these five senses. We criticize ourselves and the people around because of these five senses, we hate because of these five senses, we are sad because of these five senses, we live a life of want because of the five senses, etc..etc..

 In short the five senses creates all the bad of life (just evaluate yourself), they have become the controllers of our life? We have become the slaves of our senses. What do you think? Should we let our senses make slaves of us or should we really break this dependancy of our senses?

What do you think? And decide and live accordingly, but the ultimate choice is yours.

See You.


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