Monday, April 2, 2018

Take Risks But Not Recklessly

Hey Guys!!!!!

Have you had a moment of thought, when you felt, what if I had done a thing in a different way? To be honest, everyone gets this thought at one time or the other. During the time of decision, we decide, to play safe. But after that we see the results of the decision and that is when we think, what if I had done it the other way?

It is natural, but I learned this very early in life. In boarding school, every moment of my life circumstances was due to the decisions made either by me or by my boarding mistress or by my parents or my friends. Even though my parents think that they provided me a pampered lifestyle where I didn’t have to do anything except eat, drink, study, play and pray, they forgot that in these activities there are people involved and very different types of people.  So I had to make decisions, several times a day on a regular basis. For a three year old kid, decisions  were made with ease and without fear some decisions have backfired and some had been correct but one thing I learned is that, just decide what is right or what your heart says is right and don’t go for safe decisions.

We never know what our life holds the next moment, what we are going to face, but just because its unknown, doesn’t mean that life is unsafe.

Failure is not a good enough reason to live safe.  Taking risk does not mean that you have no fear and never think only fearless people take risks.

People who would like to come out of the box of  just living, who would like to make a difference in ones own life, who wants to live happily ever after are the ones who take risks. Believe it, you will never regret it because if you fail, you will know that you tried, you gave your best shot or you win.

Live your life consciously, knowing each step you are taking.

Decide wisely and take risks but not recklessly.

Take care.


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