Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let God Take Over

Hey Guys!!!

I know, its very difficult to understand the unseen God and His workings. But believe, there is a very big Super Power, who works in the background at all times.

Have you wondered how your human body works? Do you have any role in any of its workings except for the basics of eating, drinking, resting and keeping it clean?

When you look at the sky, how beautiful everything is placed, have you role in any of it? Look at the nature, how much abundantly its giving us, have you any role in it except for utilizing it to the very maximum?

But I say, this super power has the lead role, and that is who He Is - The Almighty God.

I would like to say an incident which happened very recently, my friend John wanted to purchase a car but he had no money to give for his downpayment, so he asked his friend for a loan and his friend readily accepted to lend him. So he booked the car and paid a small amount as assurance that he will pay the downpayment when the car arrives, which was 4 weeks later. He was happy and his family waited for it expectantly.

After two days, John's friend called and said that he is unable to lend any money because he lost some money. John was a bit shocked. He didn't know what to do, he knocked many doors for a loan, but he was not successful.

His mother-in-law, a believer in God, opened the Bible for receiving the message of God (1 Samuel 7 : 5-6). She got the message to wait that day in prayer and fasting to know the plan of God. She did it on her own, as John did not believe in all these nonsense.

That evening John told his wife Susan, "Dear, I think, I will ask my mom, I am not sure, whether she will give me, but I feel like asking her." His mother a normal mom, who loved to buy expensive things and scolds her children publicly without any care or sense, was a force in itself. Susan replied, I will take our daughter out but don't lose hope if your mother does not help you out.

The next day after breakfast, Susan with her daughter left for her home, which was a half hour ride. John took the courage and asked his mom hesitantly, "Mom, I need some financial help from you." His mom was surprised and asked, how much do you want?"

John was shocked, he didn't expect to happen it so fast and easily. He replied 100000 rupees. His mother without any hesitation said, "I will give you the cheque, you can withdraw immediately."

John couldn't believe his ears, he automatically looked up and thanked that super power, which really made this happen. He called his wife and informed this good news, which in turn was passed on to his mother-in-law.

Mother-in-Law, thanked the Lord for He did keep His word - Proverbs 3:6 “In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”

I know, its not easy to let go, but just see in John's case, if he had taken a loan from his friend, he need to repay within the said time, but when his mother-in-law requested God's help, it happened - The miracle which really aligned all the negative forces into a positive output. That cannot happen from a human mind, it can happen from only one source - From the abode of God.

I would not say that you should go to church or temple or mosque. There is only one God and God has only one residing place - Your heart. Just talk to Him there, say your troubles and let it go. If you have trouble in hearing the voice of God, then you can use your spiritual books, they can guide you. But personally I prefer a heart - to - heart talk. If you have not started yet, now is the best time to do so. Just try it.

Welcome to the world of nothingness. And see the fireworks of miracles!!!!!

Have a nice day.


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