Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How to Stay Always Healthy

Hey Guys!!!

Have you wondered why some sickness cannot be cured? or why one fine day, you are afflicted with sickness and for lifelong you are bedridden? It does not mean that you had a viral attack or vitamin deficiency or some such sort. Any sickness, which is curable can be said due to above reasons, but when it doesn't cure after all the medications and treatments, then you will have to go deeper - A depth within you. Just like we going into the deepest part of the ocean or the universe, but its much more easier to go into you.

If ever you have read my previous blogs, its mostly full of crap called love. Have you wondered why all the religious books reiterate that Love thy neighbours as thyself?

Well, there is a secret behind it, Love, compassion, kindness, peacefulness are all part of the same emotion – Love.

Each emotion other than that stated above creates acid in your body. Any acid when it falls in any part of the body destroys that part completely and if regularly you are in anger, sadness, melancholy,  obsessions, hatred, non-forgiving nature, just imagine how much acid are you pouring into that same body part? How long do you think, they can bear this acidity on itself, it will eventually break down and you are going  down with it. And the consequences of your famous anger and all those negativity is  – being sick and unhealthy? Are you happy with that?

I hope not. The only way to be always healthy is to be in love. Love has a hormone that energizes each cell, heals each cell and above all, regenerates cell thereby giving you a young feeling.

That is why I always recommend “Be in Love”, "Love thy neighbours as thyself". At least to prevent sickness, you will take my advice to heart?

See you.


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