Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Hey Guys!!!!

The one relationship in the world, were we take it for granted, until we know the value of it, when we lose it.

We cannot define friendship in set of words, but it covers  vast aspects of several relationships, bypassing all categories of relationship like relationship between spouses, parent-children relationship, teacher-student relationship, student/s-student/s relationship, colleagues, employer-employee relationship and the criteria goes on and on...... its a never ending saga of bonds or connections. How do we define friendship?

  • two persons connect together by helping at the right moment without any bias of gender, place, caste, community or religion?    or is it
  • The unconditional love, without any expectation of returning the favours received. 
But one thing is for certain,
  • It never tries to cross the border of etiquette or hurt the other person purposely.
  • Its an all giving and all consuming connection
These features are more pronounced when we are in school or college, but as we mature, we tend to withdraw into the shell of anonymity, thereby removing the friends which were in the fringes and letting only the friends with depth. And those friends are for life.

Friendship is one relationship we cannot forego in life, we can say, the right friends are the angels in our lives, believe it or not, they are God sent people who will be there in the time of need. But as a friend try not to cross the Line of Control (LoC). If you cross that you sure are doomed guys, you will lose the best of friends. Its very very uncomfortable and awkward. So I advise Be the best friend within the LoC.

Try to find good friends and throw away friends who are bad influence to you and keep the very few, who really help you grow. 

Have a nice day.

Take care.

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