Thursday, April 5, 2018

Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

Hey Guys!!!

Today I would like to speak about a very special saying which has a very big impact in life, "Early To Bed Early To Rise Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise."

As a boarder (living in boarding school), the early to bed and early to rise was a must, I had to wake up at 5 am to go for the 6 am mass and that goes for all the boarders. At that time, I wished if I had been home, I could sleep to my heart's content, but that was childish thoughts to just simply waste time - sleeping.

Now I would like to ask a simple question, have you gone to space and seen the galaxy or to the depth of the ocean and seen the many wonders inside?
 For me the answer is no but I have seen it in movies, I grew up with stories of the dolphins and octopus, etc.... but if we have gone or not, they give a sense of awe, just when we look at the vast ocean or look up at the sky, they make us feel small - a sense of being a speck which is nothing with respect to their vastness and depth. 

That is where the early to rise helps, when you wake up early in the morning and have that first cold shower, it  brings a sense of freshness, a new energy and even if you are in the concrete jungle or the dormitory or a bunk (place is not an issue), believe it, there is this silence. The silence which surrounds us along with the darkness when we close our eyes has no boundaries or depth.  Its the depth (Ocean) and vastness (Sky) of you. Isn't it beautiful that you have a Universe or the Ocean within you?

When the silence surrounds us, we get a certain fear of the unknown. Believe it each and every person chickens just by seeing the silence or darkness

We don't feel comfortable with it at first but  just feel that, just take it as a challenge that you are going for an adventure, its like a travel to space or to the depth of the ocean - its silent there too, nothing is noisy.

Believe it, the first several years, you would never get into the depth of any silence because your mind will always sidetrack you, it would take you to several stations of your life, past and future but not your present. Don't allow yourself to take a ride with that naughty mind because - its just a distraction and not the real thing. 

Mind can never make anything happen but your heart can and your heart is as stable as an oak, it doesn't take you for a ride or put a smoke screen over the truth. So whenever mind takes you over, just stop it then and there, okay, I will give an example what is the game of the mind is like.

I am planning to wake up at 5 am and the first thought that comes to me is "Do you really want to wake up so early, why don't you sleep 15 more minutes, its okay, its just 15 minutes more, that's all. I hear that voice and sleep in bliss for 15 more minutes(that felt good).Then after 15 minutes, again the mind says, you know, if we can do it fresh from 1st of the week/month/year, so that we can put the date correctly (👀), and you can also get everything by then for the jog/yoga/,etc... and then the planning in the mind goes on and on....Are you sleeping? No you are thinking. Was it of any use?

That is one simple version of the mind game, it never is true, believe it, it can create several big games in a jiffy and I can guarantee for sure, if you are going to hear that voice, you are doomed, you will be worse than a ship wreck or a plane crash or unimaginable worse situation, where you are unsalvageable.

If you can overcome that thoughts the mind puts you and wake up early in the morning, whether its a monday or a Friday or a 1 or a 21 day of the month, you learn to choke the voice of the mind and hear your heart and that gets you to the deeper parts of you and brings out the real you, the you where you are not boring to you. 

Have you wondered all those famous scientists like Einstein, Isaac Newton, C.V. Raman, etc.. etc....and artists like Leonardo da vinci, Michael Angelo, etc....etc.... and very famous people, when we read their profile, we know that they are multifaceted,  they were the best in whatever they did, its not because they worked for it, it comes to them each and every facet opens to them and they just take the plunge, they don't care, whether its right or wrong, its like taking oysters from the sea bed, you see it, you take it. It just happens on you and you just are forced to have it no matter what.

This happens when you wake up early, do the yoga or meditation or jog or go to church or temple or mosque or whatever, but don't let you stay in bed, believe it you are more worth than your mind can paint you.

You are multi faceted and the best too, Look at the sun, it gives light, warmth, life and it does perfectly. Look at the flower, it gives colour, fragrance and helps in the procreation of life. All that surrounds you in nature are multi faceted, then why are you stopping short with one facet?

Yes, that is what I am saying, you guys are also multi faceted you have many talents inside and that will not bloom unless you wake up early in the morning and get the hell out of your bed. Believe it, I am still fighting with my mind the first thing in the morning. So its no easy task. So try to sleep early, then it can be easier.

Welcome board to the adventure of life. Wish me luck!!!!!



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