Saturday, April 28, 2018

Don't Let Society Dictate Your Life

Hey Guys!!!!

Today, as I was walking back home in the morning, two nuns were rushing to work, one a senior and another a junior. They were wearing their official nun's dress and the senior had a hand bag and a carry bag and the junior a backpack using as it should be. She was not shy to carry it on her back. Nobody felt it odd that a nun is having a backpack on her back, but the senior was not comfortable with that.

She forced the junior to take off the backpack (It was quite heavy) and offered to carry it for her in her hand and gave her the carry bag. 

It was an eye opener to me, though the junior was comfortable with the way she took care of herself with that bag, the senior was making sure that the junior conducts herself as the society dictates. Its not weird, we all do that in our daily life, the question everyone asks before they do anything is, "what would people think?"

And we direct our life according to the society's norms and also according to the sensibilities of the people.

But I want to say, rules are good, as its for our safety, but, to act according to the sensitivity and sensibility of many people which make up a society, No way!!!! Its impossible.

Years back, there was a beautiful nun in our convent. She sang so beautifully that it was a piece of heaven on Earth. Her character impeccable. She was always smiling and happy to help anyone and everyone, but one day, she was ostracised (thrown out) from society. You know a rumour spread that she was in love with a young man and got herself pregnant and she got it aborted too- A nun with a child (which was not true)

That is how vicious (cruel) the society is, you can never make the society happy because its a bunch of people of different tastes and morals. But one thing I can guarantee, its very much easier to make your own Self happy, without crossing off your moral boundaries.

You might make mistakes, but it was made by you and not because somebody forced you to do.  Nobody knows except you, what made you take each and every decision of your life, the circumstances, etc... The only thing that matters is, you have a choice in your life to decide, use it wisely and not the society which should rule your decision.

I really hope the senior nun will let go of her fear of society and live a fruitful life. And the singer nun, cleared her name, by living her life as she usually did, singing her cares away, since she was not maligned in the first place, it was the society who smeared her with dirt and that will go eventually. Remember, only truth prevails.

Be truthful to your Self and do what is right for you, that makes you happy and in the long run brings happiness to others.

Live your life and be happy.

See you.


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