Friday, April 27, 2018

Aim in Life

Hey Guys!!!!

I know, its weird to speak of aim in life. If I say, everyone has only one aim in life, then how much more weird it will be?

Yesterday I met two Australian ladies who came to India to follow a Yogini (a female sage) named amma. The younger of the two is a staunch believer of amma. She has been following her for the past 8 years. So I asked her "What good of amma do you use in your daily life?"

She replied, " I don't know, I guess, amma helps a lot of people and that I do too." And she asked, am I following amma. I replied in the negative.

Its not that I am against anyone or anything. Its because I should know, why I would like to follow a person.

So while talking, I was asking myself, why am I here in this world in the first place? While evaluating life - sitting in the chair and wasting tons of words (part of profession) to impress others. Is it worth it? What is my aim in my life?

This put me in a search mode, well, its not easy to get answers to weird questions. But as I was returning back home, I happened to see the perfect sunset and that made me wonder, "Wow!!!! Look at the view, its superb and the sun, unconditionally shines its best, not expecting to be praised by anyone." I hadn't anyone to share it and even if I want to praise the sun, it is not going to happen.

Then I looked at nature, every living and non living are giving their best expecting nothing in return. The blooming flowers, the trees, the song of the birds, the forest, the rivers, the mountains, the snow, the stars, the clouds, the rain, the spring, the breeze, etc..etc........ they all make us feel very much at peace,  all these things bring a smile, a happiness, a contentment, love within us. Its special. These living and non living things are not going out of the way to bring us all these feelings. They are living their life, not thinking what others think. They are their own self.  At that moment I knew what my aim in life is and that goes for you too.

Give your best, live your best, love your best, help your best, without expecting anything in return, believe it, that is what we call selfless love. Only those who love themselves can give love to others. Only those people who is filled with love can give their best or else, they will always fall short. 

I do not want any of you to have a measuring tape of how you perform, there is none. Each and every person is unique and no person is same and the calibre too is different, but I can guarantee one thing as you start giving your best, the avenues which will be opened will be manifold, that is the beauty of being a human being.

Hope you will give it a thought.

See you.


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