Monday, March 26, 2018

Beauty of Living

Hey Guys!!!

Have you wondered how it feels when you are in Love? Well you will know it exactly only when you love somebody.

Can I pass a secret to you? When I was in high school and college, I had great expectation, that I will find a person who loves me and I for him. Unfortunately, all the guys in the college were my friends and to be frank, we guys, both girls and boys  were so happy with how we were that nobody had this tendency to do anything other than support each other and be best friends.

As time went by, we continued to behave the same way, though we never had contact with each other, the trait of supporting each other wherever we are and not hurt anybody became our single aim in life.

Now, to follow this aim in life, we should love that person, respect that person and have faith in that person. But, we cannot do that unless it is reciprocated, right? Well, that is where the beauty of life lies.

Nobody can love us or respect us, or have faith in us like we do our own self. So how can we expect that from a mere mortal as another human being?

A diamond attains perfection because of the number of cuts it has and cutting a stone is not easy thing, but if it happens, there is a diamond in process and when the finished product comes out, the diamond should thank all the people who helped it make priceless- which means, the people who cut it to perfection.

In real life, we are the raw stone, where people (families, friends, colleagues, school mates, college mates, neighbours and the whole world except you) cut us by hurting us, humiliating us, betraying us, by not keeping promises, but remember if it were not for them,  we would never be where we are now.

These people are the turning points of our life, the milestones of our life. We should really thank them and not fill ourselves with hatred or revenge towards the people who hurt us.

I know its difficult to feel love for people who hurt you, but imagine, when they did that you made several decisions which helped you grow or change the direction of life, which made you grow, which brought you closer to what you wanted to be. If you had to do it, you would never have a single clue, how to go about it and so unknowingly, the people who hurt you helped you direct you towards the right path.

So in return, the only thing you can do without restraint is love them for their selfless action.

Just rewind your life and check, how many thank yous entitled to others have you missed? If possible, if they are living, do yourself a favour and thank them from the very bottom of your heart, you will never regret it and that is when I would say, you are in love. The love where you give, expecting nothing.

Believe it, the feeling is simply superb!!! Its not for One Person only!!! You have the whole world to Love!!!

That!!!! is what the Beauty of Living Is !!!

See you soon.


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