Friday, March 30, 2018

Self Respect

Hey Guys!!!!

Here in the place I live, its really....and  literally hot, in the sense that its sweaty hot..... In the climate  sense, it can be yuck!!!! but in the sense of the place, the people, the ambiance, its simply wow!!!!

You might wonder what I am getting at, its that, its not necessary that it should be a destination-destination to love a place. Its the positive attitude of life that brings a positive outlook to wherever you are with whoever you are.

As I always tell you, positive outlook happens when you love your self, respect your self. You should feel that you are the best.

 To be the best, its not necessary you should be the winner, giving the best shot at whatever you do and you are happy with whatever the outcome,  is the best win.

The Result - You will respect your self, love your self and be happy with your self and that will bring a new perspective of life and a brightness around you. That is what makes you love the place where you are.

Why don't you try it?

Hope you will.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tips to Save Love Marriage

Hey Guys!!!!

Love Marriages!!!! Hmmmm....Its so fantastic an experience to be in Love. And I love to see the happiness when these guys decide to get married. In India, the elders, just sigh and shake their head and say, "Its no use, they are doomed to break." And Lo Behold!!! it so happens as such.

Do you think, its jinxed? Everywhere in the world its the same. Do you really feel that the Lover couple purposely do what they do because they want to break up the relationship, which they have decided to be happily ever after?

We all know the answer to it. Its Emphatically No. Then why is it they break up?

Well, we'll check out how we can save a break up from my perspective.
  1. Full stomach is a must. Have a secure job, or else, love can sustain until the stomach rumbles, afterwards, believe it or not, you are going to fight for sure - For Food (ha..ha..ha.. what a joke!!!)
  2. Little acts of kindness is a must. Whether you believe it or not, the lady is the light of every house. If you can help them with some chores, like washing plates or setting tables or wiping the plates or just bring coffee for her in bed(at least on a Sunday), then your life will be secure.(Coffee!!! you got to be kidding, right???)
  3. Keep promises. If you don't promise, its fine, but if you promise something, make sure that you follow it or else, you are doomed.(In this hectic world, keeping promises should be compromised!!!!)
  4. Try not to over talk and especially when there is a fight (as disagreements do tend to happen), just shut up who is on the hearing end and accept whatever the other has to offer, no matter, you are in the wrong or right (because, anger is one thing, that has no ears, eyes or brains.). After the big shouting from your partner, just say, sorry and end it, believe it, when the shouter cools, he/she will think rationally and feel ashamed of the act.(Then how are we to clear the air if we are not communicating?)
  5. Forgive and Forget. We all make mistakes and loads of them, luckily, no one knows what is going through their partner's mind, or else, this world will be a living hell (want to bet? ha..ha..ha..). So just because your partner does wrong doesn't mean, that he was unfair to you. Just make sure that you know the circumstance of why he did that and imagine, if you are  in his situation how will you do it. Just speak openly, how you felt and please don't shout or be angry, just state your feelings, that's all. (Forgive, yes, I can do that, but forget? No way, that's impossible!!!)
  6. Faith is a must. Have faith in your partner. I know its a long shot, but without that, you cannot survive even a day in each other's company. I remember my friend, he was actually a womaniser and when he married, he was always doubting his wife whenever she looks at any male person, whether young or old (Rolling Eyes!!!!) and imagine, she was literally jailed in her house. So its not the partner who is in the wrong, its you, who has gone through this same situation and took the wrong path and still continues, that is why, when you see your partner in the same situation, you believe that she/he will do as you did and that is why you have no faith in your partner. (You got to be kidding, when you put the blame on me for the actions of my partner.)
  7. Throw away your ego. You know, when you marry, you are not two persons but one. So please keep ego out of the door when you are with your partner, be your natural self. Its much more better company than the puffed up you. (But I have my own identity, my own ambitions and aspirations, he will have to accept me as I am. I can't change for my partner)
  8. Never hurt your partner either with words or by actions. Words are more powerful than actions. It really bruises the other for life. A knife wound heals, but nit a word wound. (How am I supposed to know whether my partner is sensitive, yeah, we have fun and its part of life to joke and poke fun at each other)
  9. Everyone has weaknesses, and if your weakness hurts your partner, then throw it away. Its not worth it. My dad used to drink alcohol but he never hurts anybody, he is very loving and kind whether he is drunk or not, but my mom gets so angry, when she sees her husband drunk that she starts scolding him, advising him, what not all thus creating a gap between two souls with just a pint of liquor. If my dad had just avoided having liquor then the world to him and mom would have been a better place.(Everybody has their own choices and the freedom to do whatever they want, so its not correct to put restrictions for petty weakness, then what is there in life to enjoy?)
  10. Decisions should be made together because marriage is not a One Man Show, its a partnership business. (Forget it, we know each other heart to heart. So even if I decide alone, my spouse is going to welcome it)
  11. Give genuine compliments and appreciate the presence of your partner in your life, believe it or not your partner is your stepping stone to success, even if its the thousandth time, your partner gets uplifted with just a few good words of appreciation.(Isn't it going over the top, complimenting always?)
  12. Never ever think, that there is another better person than your partner because there is only one right person for you and nobody can replace your partner, or else you will have to restructure the bone system with several rib bones missing and adding according to the gender, as you are supposed to be fitted with just one. So find the right one wisely ( And how am I supposed to find that one rib bone?)
  13. Be in Love always and the best way to keep the love intact is through the stomach. Try to learn to cook both of you, that is the easiest way to the other's hearts. (You know, we have restaurants)
The tips above are for normal people, there are many who psychologically ill, for them, medical treatments are the only way out.

     14. To know if you have the right partner, give 10% of your income to the very needy, it can be given to your parents or teachers, or brothers, or any family members, or neighbours, or friends, or whoever. So while giving, in your heart (Pls Note, not through your mouth), just say, "God (if you believe in God, if not, to the creator who created you from nothing), I am hereby depositing my 10% to you, just note it in my name. (The person who gets it might or might not appreciate it, but you felt to give your 10% of your earning, even if it is the smallest shilling to the needy person and that is right). And you know what happens? Your partner , if he is not the right person, either throws you out or your partner goes off from your life and that is that because the higher power protects from all things wrong. If your partner is the right person, no matter what, the relationship stays lifelong. Do you believe it? I do.

In the end, I would always advise Live your life with Love, but don't marry, then you don't need to follow any of these tips above. What do you think, all married couples would agree but the young ones, hmmmmm its their life, their decision, their love and their marriage. Live Happily Ever After Guys!!!! And I would always recommend, Just Love for the joy of loving....

(Spl. Note :- The bracketed statement at the end of each tip is the general attitude of the youngsters, that should be considered, as the key to breaking)



Tuesday, March 27, 2018

To Have Christmas The Whole Year Round

Hey Guys!!!

I just watched a Christmas movie and you know what? I love to always watch Christmas movies, if ever I get a chance, even if it is in the middle of an hectic schedule, I wouldn't miss it.

You might wonder Why I like it or What I like about it?

 Its the uplifting experience, its the feeling of joy, love, anticipation and that special something....

Hmmmm...the special something?

Well, its nothing but, "The Gift"

Yes, The Gift. Christmas is the time of giving. That is when we feel happy. Even before we give, we tend to anticipate what the person who gets our gift would feel. And the subsequent feeling of Love..... peace... happiness....Hmm the perfect mix of feelings for a good contented  life.

In short - Just give something, it can be a smile or a helping hand in work or wherever or gifts as in material gifts thing, a good word, a kind gesture, an ear to hear, etc.... etc...etc...

Believe it, small small simple acts is what mainly counts in the long run of life than big big gestures.

Try to be conscious of each and every moment of your life, know to do purposefully in helping others and which you think will be good for them and which will make you happy and that is what this is all about - To Have Christmas - To gift Your Self to you for The Whole Year Round.

Bye Guys!!!!


Monday, March 26, 2018

Beauty of Living

Hey Guys!!!

Have you wondered how it feels when you are in Love? Well you will know it exactly only when you love somebody.

Can I pass a secret to you? When I was in high school and college, I had great expectation, that I will find a person who loves me and I for him. Unfortunately, all the guys in the college were my friends and to be frank, we guys, both girls and boys  were so happy with how we were that nobody had this tendency to do anything other than support each other and be best friends.

As time went by, we continued to behave the same way, though we never had contact with each other, the trait of supporting each other wherever we are and not hurt anybody became our single aim in life.

Now, to follow this aim in life, we should love that person, respect that person and have faith in that person. But, we cannot do that unless it is reciprocated, right? Well, that is where the beauty of life lies.

Nobody can love us or respect us, or have faith in us like we do our own self. So how can we expect that from a mere mortal as another human being?

A diamond attains perfection because of the number of cuts it has and cutting a stone is not easy thing, but if it happens, there is a diamond in process and when the finished product comes out, the diamond should thank all the people who helped it make priceless- which means, the people who cut it to perfection.

In real life, we are the raw stone, where people (families, friends, colleagues, school mates, college mates, neighbours and the whole world except you) cut us by hurting us, humiliating us, betraying us, by not keeping promises, but remember if it were not for them,  we would never be where we are now.

These people are the turning points of our life, the milestones of our life. We should really thank them and not fill ourselves with hatred or revenge towards the people who hurt us.

I know its difficult to feel love for people who hurt you, but imagine, when they did that you made several decisions which helped you grow or change the direction of life, which made you grow, which brought you closer to what you wanted to be. If you had to do it, you would never have a single clue, how to go about it and so unknowingly, the people who hurt you helped you direct you towards the right path.

So in return, the only thing you can do without restraint is love them for their selfless action.

Just rewind your life and check, how many thank yous entitled to others have you missed? If possible, if they are living, do yourself a favour and thank them from the very bottom of your heart, you will never regret it and that is when I would say, you are in love. The love where you give, expecting nothing.

Believe it, the feeling is simply superb!!! Its not for One Person only!!! You have the whole world to Love!!!

That!!!! is what the Beauty of Living Is !!!

See you soon.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

How To Quit Smoking

Hey Guys!!!!

There is no safe way to use tobacco. 
Its easy to explain to the smoker in detail  and show it in movies, videos, advertisements, having no smoke areas, etc....etc....

If ever you really and heartfully want to quit smoking then this is for you guys. Believe me, its the only best way to do it.

 Be a good Samaritan, go to the nearest public hospital or hospice, which has oncology specialisation (Cancer department)  spend some time (minimum one hour for 1 month)with the patients there, meet them, their family members it will help them go through their pains and discomforts of the disease.

We all have our choices, these patients made their choice and they are now facing the consequence - irreversible consequences of pain and suffering.

If you are a smoker and choose to see what your future would be like  - watch a live presentation of your future you can see, live and savour.

 Ultimately you get a second chance to choose your lifestyle,  which I feel is the best experience to shake the core of the smokers to quit smoking.

Believe me, to be a bystander of a cancer patient takes a lot of courage and I hope you have it.

Best of Luck guys!!!! Its my wish you stay healthy till your last breath.!!!!!!

And drink Forever Aloe Vera Gel.