Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What is your Aim in Life?

Hey Guys!!!!!

What is your aim in life?

To become successful? or happy? or be the best in everything you do?

Well, its easy to have an aim in life, but getting to happen is another cup of tea.

Do you really want to fulfill your aim? Here is the best part - Have a clear aim and let it go. Don't obsess on it. Then for sure the aim will be fulfilled within no time.

I remember when I was young, I was in the boarding school, so whatever wishes I had, I thought I will have to wait until holidays when I meet my parents. In those times, I believed, that God was in the sky and the sky was too high for me. And I knew I can't shout my wish publicly because children taunts when the wishes were ridiculous.

So, I looked at the sky and shouted internally from the very bottom of my heart  the wish I had.(And I waited because Sound travels in waves and the ripple has to travel till heaven)

You know when we are kids, we do not have any prejudice of who we are, whether our prayers will be answered or is it too much to ask God? Does God has that much power to grant my prayers, etc...etc...  We just are straightforward.

I ask only once and forget about it. Not because the once I asked was not important, I didn't have a time period to get it fulfilled. I had faith it will happen

I was never agitated of my prayer not being heard and that was reason enough to let it go.

One incident in my life, which I would like to share with you, which proved that it will happen when it should happen.
During my time in school, the final exams were from Lesson 1 till the Last chapter. So we had to keep all the books safe till the last day of school.  I was in class 2 when this happened. My science teacher asked the class to submit the science note book for correction. As usual, I opened my bag to give the book

So think in that perspective, Wish clearly for what you want and let it make a ripple in the universe and reach its source. It will happen.

But don't doubt your capability because you were born with nothing, that means you have the whole world at your disposal, just have faith that you will get.

Hope you will be able to fulfill your aim.

Bye for now guys!!!!