Friday, November 17, 2017



In my previous post, we proved that we are all part of the Universe, where we have no barriers. So how come then we see all these things around?

Its because we live in the box of our five senses. We know and believe a world of five senses.

If we see or hear or taste or smell or feel then we believe or else we say, its simply a fluke!!!!

And we think, we are intelligent. What do you think? Are we intelligent?

I will say, if you and I accept and believe only what the five senses say and trash it out which is outside its purview, then you and I are A VERY BIG MORON!!!!!


If a scientist says, you are made up of trillions of cells, will you believe it? Have you seen it? Have you felt it? Have you tasted it? Have you heard it? Then how do you know it?

The real truth cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt, its above that. Intelligence is guided ONLY by the five senses. So its time to put the five senses in the trash box and live life freely and give a BREAK to your intelligence.

 Let the Universe be your world, your purview, where there are no restrictions!!!!! BE FREE AND THINK BIG!!!!!!

Hope you would think about it


Thursday, November 16, 2017

You & Me


You know I think either I am insane or on borderline of insanity.

My tagline is usually "We all are made up of cells which are packets of energy." That is the end of the story. But last day, I happened to hear that there are billions of galaxies in this universe and you are just a speck. So while I was thinking on that, I wanted to connect the speck part as me.

But unfortunately I landed in non-entity part (means you are a zero). You might wonder how. You know that you are made up of atoms, right? Now we are going deeper into the atoms. Atoms look like a solar system. See the below image

So if each atom is like that image, it looks like a solar system see image below :-

We are made up of atoms and surrounded by atoms. The pictures shown above both looks the same. If the whole universe is like this, then where would I be or you be? Everywhere or nowhere?

What do you think? I am crazy!!!!!? Ha....ha...ha...


Monday, November 6, 2017


Dear Guys

I want to pass a very important message which we all face in our daily life, Problems!!!

One of my friends, he committed suicide, when he incurred insurmountable debts. One of my friend's son hanged himself to death due to love failure. As we get older and older, when we hear all these, we shake our heads and say, "Very sad".

Yes, it's sad, when people do not have the courage to stand by their actions and rectify it when it is a mistake. But the first thing is - to acknowledge and accept the decision.

Man is the only creature in this whole universe, that has a choice to do what he feels right for himself as an added bonus right for others. He has the capability to learn in depth before deciding. Man has the power of intuition, where one need not have any deep knowledge of the situation in fact about anything except follow the instincts. Its all good and fine, we have choices and we utilize it to the maximum. And still why do you think, we have a "Problem"?

Early morning walk is the most rejuvenating time for imbibing the freshness of nature when all the lazy bugs are asleep and when the peace and tranquility is at the finishing point. Its easy to face the world, you might wonder what has early morning and nature has any connection to "Problems". There is a big connection....@@!!!#####*****

We are part of nature. We are born from nothing and returns back to earth and become nothing. Now, look at a drop of water, when it falls from the sky, though it has been separated from the source, it ends in the river, seas or ocean or the wells or the ponds or in the soil,  or where it is needed most, only then it feels at peace. Imagine that you are this drop of water and you have decided to fall in the desert, eventually, you get dried up for sure, but have you wondered the water as such has not gone off completely? It has taken another form and has returned back to the source the cloud and again when it rains, you decide where to fall and you decide rightly from past experience.

So, I want to say, "Life has Problems because we have decided, You get several opportunities to rectify it. Never think this is the last chance and finish your life on a shoe string or the bridge rim. Learn from your mistakes and correct them and be a model to others by showing them that you blossomed from the gutters." Believe it gutters are the best ground to get the best bloom. Want to bet?

River flows, seasons pass by, life moves on and there won't be anybody to remember you but there is one person who will appreciate you for all the struggles and victories and trying and crying, its none other than you.

"You" are Precious, cherish it, decide for the fun of deciding and make mistakes and correct it and live a fruitful life. Never regret your life. Its an opportunity, utilize it to the max. Don't think all these wise people and elders lived their whole life without mistakes, they have made their fair share of mistakes and they are ready to ogle at us and shake their heads, but let them shake their heads, get up and dust off from your bottom because there is a wide whole world to conquer.

Be You as you have only You for whatever you do to hold on.

Take care and be happy.