Friday, January 6, 2017

Tips to Make Oldage a Happy One

Hey Guys!!!!

I happened to read in one brochure, Oldness can be loneliness. Do you think so?

For me, I don't. I have always wondered that old age is the best time to be peaceful and quiet. If you have a family, who is OK with caring their elderly parents or family members, then oldage is the best time. Well if there isn't a family, then too, its the best time!!!!

There is one thing you should remember, we cannot make anybody happy with our good actions and intentions, but we can make ourselves happy, right? So do what is right and be happy, whether you are young or old.

Now consider I am also old, I make my old age happy by

1. Just zipping my mouth shut. No free advice, unless asked. - Each word is more powerful than a two edged sword. It can hurt not only the other person but also myself. So its better to shut up most of the time and save myself from heart break!!!! That's my policy

 Free Advice :- Anywhere in the world, whether you are young or old, you will be acceptable easily and loved unconditionally if you forego  this appendage - the Tongue

Now for the elderly who live at home :-

We (Old People) can make a difference in the life of our family,

  1. By helping the person in the kitchen, by peeling onions, garlic, etc.... Try not to wash any China, if accidentally it breaks, that would be another problem.
  2. Men can go shopping, when they go for a walk in the evening, with the regular buddies not the big shopping list, just some vegetables or some knick knack groceries,  its actually a life saver for the person who prepares food.
  3. Be a play mate for the grand kids or any small kids of the family by telling good, positive stories to them and helping them and guiding them in the right direction. Make sure you say the good of their parents and never ever say bad of them. Remember
  4. Be invisible when there is a visitor in the family or party in the family.
  5. Never ask anybody to take you out. Then you might wonder what will you do at home. For that, you should have some sort of activity at home. I read books. I have cultivated that habit from very long. I have my own e reader, so that I do not create any junk in my room.  There are several choices, just check your preferences, you can buy a small music system and hear music. You can have your own television or DVD player and watch movies. You can do gardening, vegetable garden, drawing, painting, writing, etc...etc...
  6. Try to maintain your health, that is very important, sickness is one thing, that can break even the most powerful of people. Try to add Aloe Vera Gel in your diet morning and night (For Complete Planned Food), Fields of Greens (Balancing the PH of our body) and  Heat Lotion for aching joints. This will really help us to walk to our grave. without home nurse or doctors or medicines.
  7. Give the body the most needed rest. If you feel like lying down do that, do not go against body's need. It will save lots of bodily discomforts.
  8. Eat on time and do not over eat and eat what they put in front of you because that is what we are entitled to for the moment. (We didn't have an option of who our parents should be when we were born, where we were born, which family we were born, etc... likewise, nobody hates us we are in whatever situation, because we are supposed to be in that situation and the food which are served to us is what it is supposed to be. So don't put reasons for the bad food or little food. Just have it.
  9. For the financial part, I know that there are many of us, who will have to rely on our children for our personal sustenance, but I have found a trick, where I do not need to ask any money from anybody. I pay 10 percent of whatever income I get to the very needy and when I give them, I say to God, "God I am giving you back the 10 percent of what You gave me, deposit it in my account. I know you are skeptical. But believe me, I never have any money in my pocket or in the bank, but I am never short of money when I need it because I request God's bank to release the amount I need. I never ask a single penny from anybody, it comes to me, just like that. You don't believe me. Then try it. That is the best way to believe.
  10. The Last but the most important. Be Happy!!!! No matter what your circumstance is Forgive your mistakes  as well as others. Life is too good to hold anger and grudges. 
But if I am put in an old age home, Yippie!!!! I do not have to do anything stated above, just eat, sleep and play. That is the best way to live the last part of my life. You know what, its a gift our children or our family has bestowed on us,  because they love us. So accept it.

Be silent whenever you get the opportunity - Silence is the best communication tool with our own self. There is a soul within you and me. This soul is what carries the physical young & old body of ours. It has no age (its always young, whether you are 1 or 10 or 100) but we are not aware of this soul being, until death. So, old age is the time to know the best you, - through silence, as we do not have anything to do. If you find it, believe in it. The decisions it gives you are very very wise. Hear it, you will be invincible, nobody can hurt you, you will always be on the right and you will start appreciating life and its gifts.

So attitude is what makes your life bearable. Think positive and thank the Supreme power to have given this opportunity to make a difference to at least one person in our life who came in contact with us.

Be glad to be old, I am. Happy Old age. 



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